The Human Aspect of Christ & Visionary Path of the Tree of Life

The Human Aspect of Christ between Classic and Quantum Consciousness: Gethsemane - Anxiety & Depression between Biochemistry & Anthropology (by Massimo Cocchi, Lucio Tonello, Fabio Gabrielli): The studies carried out in recent years on the molecular dynamics of consciousness, especially in relation to diseases such as major depression and bipolar disorder, on man considered as a synthesis of nature and culture, in their interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary expression, prompted us to carry out the molecular logic involving the human component of Christ (Christ-Man).

A Hundred Years of Archetypes: When You Face Reality, You Know “Nothing”

A Hundred Years of Archetypes: When You Face Reality, You Know “Nothing” Part I (by Iona Miller): Jung's first mention of the term archetype was in the 1919 text Instinct and the Unconscious. We've had nearly a hundred years of archetypes, as such. However, ancient cultures, such as the Gnostics knew them under other names, such as the Archons. And we have our own modern concepts, frames, and terminology for nature's dynamics. We don't need to parrot Jung, or congratulate ourselves for climbing over the fence of his theories.

NeuroQuantology 10(3) pp. 462-467: New Nonlocal Biological Effect

We report here our experimental findings of new nonlocal biological effect measured objectively and quantitatively under blind conditions. The method used includes the steps of providing two parts of quantum-entangled medium, applying one part to a biological system such as a human, contacting the other part with a desired substance such as a medication, and detecting change of a biological parameter with a detecting device.

What if Berkeley Had Gone to Berkeley?

What if Berkeley Had Gone to Berkeley? - Neurophysiology & Physics in the Defense of Informational Idealism: Part I: The Problem of Experience (by Paul N. Seward): Our argument is divided into two parts. In this Part I, we stipulate and defend the existence of an experiencing subject or “self” that is not identical to consciousness but for whom consciousness is an objective experience. We then show that the relationship of time and space to moving objects requires that the self cannot be a part of space-time or made of matter and energy.

Metaphorms: Physics Is Not Beyond You and You Make It Matter

Metaphorms: Physics Is Not Beyond You and You Make It Matter Part I (Iona Miller): The most deconstructed archetypal forms are vortexes, toroids, solitons, gyres, and singularities. The most fundamental archetype of process is the Field. To claim the wave is unphysical and the particle is physical is a dated idea of the relation between mind and body. The quantum vacuum is a dynamic massless scalar field. Scalars are just active information; a hologram is pure information. Entanglement is a property of nonlocal quantum information exchange.


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