SGI Launches 2012 Initiatives: Information for World Transformation

Scientific GOD Inc. is initiating the following 2012 Projects entitled "Information for World Transformation":

New Internationale (Internationale 2012)

New Internationale (Internationale 2012)

(Released: April 24, 2011)

The following poem promotes a peaceful and prospering New World under Scientific GOD.
It is adapted from Eugène E. Pottier’s L'Internationale written in 1871.

Key Words: Scientific God, New Internationale, Internationale 2010, World Peace, New World, 2012

Rise, people in Science and Religion,

Rise, all truth seekers around the world,

GOD’s Scientific Truth is being revealed,

A New World will be born,

We Have a Dream (Cyberspeech)

We Have a Dream: A Call to All Men and Women of Science and Religion to Rise Up
In Memories of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Martin Luther King, Jr
(Dated: February18, 2008)

Over the course of human history mankind brought forth on this planet, two chief systems for exploring Nature and Life, one of them is Religion and the other Science, both conceived for seeking truths, and both dedicated to the survival and advancement of mankind.

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This is the daily outreach service initiated on 9/11/2011 by the Sciurch of Scientific GOD Inc. Daily service will begin on December 21, 2011.


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