Confucian Analects Book IX Part 2 (孔夫子論語: 子罕第九 第二部份)

Author: Confucius (孔夫子); translated by James Legge

The Master said, Wisdom has no doubts; love does not fret; the bold have no fears.

16. 子在川上曰:「逝者如斯夫!不舍晝夜。」

As he stood by a stream, the Master said, Hasting away like this, day and night, without stop!

17. 子曰:「吾未見好德如好色者也。」

The Master said, I have seen no one that loves mind as he loves looks.

18. 子曰:「譬如為山,未成一簣,止,吾止也!譬如平地,雖覆一簣,進,吾往也!」

The Master said, In making a mound, if I stop when one more basket would finish it, I stop. When flattening ground, if, after overturning one basket, I go on, I go ahead.

19. 子曰:「語之而不惰者,其回也與?」

The Master said, Never listless when spoken to, such was Hui.

20. 子謂顏淵曰:「惜乎!吾見其進也,吾未見其止也!」

Speaking of Yen Yüan, the Master said, The pity of it! I saw him go on, but I never saw him stop!

21. 子曰:「苗而不秀者,有矣夫!秀而不實者,有矣夫!」

The Master said, Some sprouts do not blossom, some blossoms bear no fruit!

22. 子曰:「後生可畏,焉知來者之不如今也?四十五十而無聞焉,斯亦不足畏也已!」

The Master said, Awe is due to youth. May not to-morrow be bright as to-day? To men of forty or fifty, who are still unknown, no awe is due.

23. 子曰:「法語之言,能無從乎?改之為貴!巽與之言,能無說乎?繹之為貴!說而不 繹,從而不改,吾末如之何也已矣!」

The Master said, Who would not give ear to a downright word? But to mend is better. Who would not be pleased by a guiding word? But to think it out is better. With such as are pleased but do not think out, or who listen but do not mend, I can do nothing.

24. 子曰:「主忠信,毋友不如己者,過則勿憚改。」

The Master said, Put faithfulness and truth first; have no friends unlike thyself; be not ashamed to mend thy faults.

25. 子曰:「三軍可奪帥也,匹夫不可奪志也。」

The Master said, Three armies may be robbed of their leader, no wretch can be robbed of his will.

26. 子曰:「衣敝縕袍,與衣孤貉者立,而不恥者,其由也與!不忮不求,何用不臧?」 子路終身誦之。子曰:「是道也,何足以臧!」

The Master said, Yu is the man to stand, clad in a worn-out quilted gown, unashamed, amid robes of fox and badger!
Without hatred or greed, What but good does he do?
But when Tzu-lu was everlastingly humming these words, the Master said, This is the way towards it, but how much short of goodness itself!

27. 子曰:「歲寒,然後知松柏之後彫也。」

The Master said, Erst the cold days show how fir and cypress are last to fade.

28. 子曰:「知者不惑,仁者不憂,勇者不懼。」

The Master said, Wisdom has no doubts; love does not fret; the bold have no fears.

29. 子曰:「可與共學,未可與適道;可與適道,未可與立;可與立,未可與權。」

The Master said, With some we can learn together, but we cannot go their way; we can go the same way with others, though our standpoint is not the same; and with some, though our standpoint is the same our weights and scales are not.

30. 「唐棣之華,偏其反而,豈不爾思?室是遠而。」子曰:「未之思也,未何遠之 有?」

The blossoms of the plum tree
Are dancing in play;
My thoughts are with thee,
In thy home far away.
The Master said, Her thoughts were not with him, or how could he be far away?