One GOD Models & Mystical Experiences

The One Savior Paradigm (by Dainis Zeps): Abstract: The one savior paradigm is discussed not only as doctrinal aspect of religious teachings but as one of mostly manifested aspect of our psychic, that should be adequately investigated. We suggest simple idea that could serve as starting cognitive model for the one savior paradigm, that might give effect in considering global aspects of humanity, e.g., such as global economy and exact sciences in more friendly connection with religious thinking.

The Theoretical Model of GOD: Proof of the Existence and of the Uniqueness of GOD (by Temur Z. Kalanov)

Abstract: The work is devoted to the 21st century’s most urgent problem – the problem of existence of God. The theoretical proof of the existence and of the uniqueness of God, based on the correct method of knowledge - unity of formal logic and of rational dialectics - is proposed. This proof represents a theoretical model of God: a system of axioms from which the principle of existence and of uniqueness of God is deduced. The principle runs as follows: God exists as the Absolute, the Creator, the Governor of the essence (information) and of the phenomenon (material manifestation of information). The theoretical model of man and the formulation of the principle of development of Mankind – as consequences of model of God – are proposed as well. The main conclusion is as follows: the principle of the existence and of the uniqueness of God represents absolute scientific truth and, consequently, should be a starting-point and a basis of the 21st century’s correct science.

Unitary Theory of the Numbers of the Decimal Numeration System (by Cornelio Gonzalez V.)

Abstract: A common contact point could exist between Schrödinger’s quantum wave and Bohm's quantum potential: they would both share the same “unified field”, that is to say that both would depend on one space-time structured and governed by the Law that UNIFIES and TOTALIZES them in an universal field, since the quantum wave possesses, by construction and by definition, the ENTIRETY of the cognoscible thing, while in Bohm's quantum potential, it is the same character of TOTALITY that orders and manages the behavior of the subatomic particles that conform to its intrinsic “field”. MAN and Universe are one and the same thing, structured and ruled by the Law of UNITY that TOTALIZES the cosmos as shown in the unitary theory of the numbers of the decimal numeration system presented herein.

Reflection on My Transcendental Mystical Experience: A Serene State of Transcendent Understanding (by Dick W. Richardson)

Abstract: Instantly after that Paradise event of transcendence itself there was but one thought, one knowledge, one understanding and affirmation... and which is... Oh... no... Oh... my God... how beautiful it is! Oh my Love, would that they could know this; would that their eyes could see and their minds understand as to what they are, and from whence they came; the beauty, the truth, the passion. My love, give me the understanding; and give me the words, that I might speak of the wonder of being. And let us create Man in our image. When writing the actual exegesis of those events (the initial transcendent experience) I had to write as like a living diary of how it was and what it was like. To have interjected concepts and knowledge from later aspects in life would have spoiled the actual story of the journey. I tried to make it that people could try living it with me, and what I felt at the time.

My Story (by DeLana K. Metcalf)

Abstract: While living and working in NYC in 1969 my first intense mystical experience occurred. This ecstatic experience was like a Light or Force that permeated every cell in my body and Being and I was completely filled with Love. Love for all humanity flowed from my Being. To me, this is what was felt that must be the Christ Spirit or the Holy Spirit. This experience lasted most of the day and I was able to fully function in this state of mind even though it felt as if I was “glowing”, radiating love. The oneness and connection with all the world was overwhelming! I guess this could be called “The Rapture”. There have been the same types of experiences of ecstasy throughout my life although not lasting as long at a time.

The Scientific and Academic Quest for Understanding (by Dick W. Richardson)

Abstract: The study of the phenomenon of Consciousness is very important indeed. But the study of the content of conscious experience is even more important, and so too is the question of what it is that is Conscious. I AM conscious, and I am what I AM. So what am I then? And from whence do I come and why? What is the function of my existence and what will it do? Is there something far far greater than the Observer (me)? Indeed there IS. What is it? I don’t know yet, not for absolute sure. But I am going to find out, even if it kills me. For I HAVE to KNOW. What do I believe? Nothing, believing is for the fairies, not for Man. For Man exists to KNOW. That also becomes axiomatic and unarguable – when you KNOW it.

Transhumanists, God, and the Problem of Evil (by Brent Allsop)

Abstract: Powerful Good beings( i.e. Gods) can be defined to be both able and willing to overcome evils like death and suffering. Any such beings are by definition incompatible with the existence of such evil. If one believes such beings exists while there is still evil they are faced with the "problem of evil" making such beliefs problematic. Hence the only logical view of a transhumanist seems to be atheism - or that such powerful beings don't yet exist, while there is still evil. People that believe such powerful beings already exist must have some kind of attempted theodicy where they justify and accept such evil in some way. In contrast, a transhumanist atheists can hope that death and suffering is about to be overcome, and that we, as such beings, are about to emerge.

A Philosophy of Nothingness (by James C. Allen)

Abstract: Any scientist who is Godless cannot imagine the true nature of the "state of nothingness" nor the incredible importance of writing love and loving relationships into ones personal code. Any scientist who is Godless cannot imagine the universe as the result of intelligence.


In my essay “One more proof that there is a God” published in SGJ February 2012 issue I have written that this universe is within God’s womb. Here I will show that this proposition of mine can effectively solve one problem of big bang theory that the scientifically accepted big bang theory cannot solve.

According to its official, scientific version the universe started as a single point and then it began to expand. With this expansion came into being space, time and matter, and it is still expanding. But the question is: If it is expanding, then into which space is it expanding? In an interview with Ira Flatow ( scientist Lawrence M Krauss, author of the recently published book “A Universe from Nothing, Why is there Something rather than Nothing” explained the matter in the following way: When we blow up a balloon, it expands into the room, because the two-dimensional surface of the balloon is already embedded into the three-dimensional space of the room. Now let us imagine that there is no three-dimensional space into which the balloon is embedded and that there is only the two-dimensional surface of the balloon left alone. Now it will make its size bigger and bigger, but it will not expand into anything. But the problem is that to make its size bigger the balloon will still require space. If there is no space around it, how can it make its size bigger and bigger? Let us take a concrete example here. Let us take a balloon and let us insert it inside a glass bottle. Here the glass bottle successfully cuts off the surrounding three-dimensional space from the two-dimensional surface of the balloon, and now we cannot say that it is already embedded into any three-dimensional space. But when the glass bottle will be broken, the balloon will again be back into three-dimensional space. Therefore we can say that so long the balloon is inside the glass bottle, it is left alone with its two-dimensional surface only. Now in this situation if the balloon tries to make its size bigger, will it be able to do so?

Now let us see how this problem can be overcome according to our model. In our model the material universe is within God’s womb, and it begins its life as a single point. When this single point first made its appearance within God, the whole body of God became space for it. If God is infinite in extension, then the material universe will have infinite space to expand into. And therefore, it will have no problem to make its size bigger and bigger.