The Dawn of Higher Consciousness: Part 1

The Dawn of Higher Consciousness (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: This issue marks the one year anniversary of the maiden voyage of Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research (“JCER”) as a vehicle for scientists, philosophers and other learned scholars to publish their research results and express their views on the nature, origin and mechanism of consciousness. Here we briefly summarize the past and discuss the future of this journal and the publisher behind it. We hope that in the coming years all genuine truth seekers shall become clear in our eyes, resolute in our hearts and swift in our steps on the sacred path of consciousness exploration and research. We urge all to strive for the realization of higher consciousness in ourselves.

The Central Enigma of Consciousness (Chris King): Abstract: The nature and physical basis of consciousness remains the central enigma of the scientific description of reality in the third millennium. This paper seeks to examine the phenomenal nature of consciousness and elucidate a possible biophysical basis for its existence, in terms of a form of quantum anticipation based on entangled states driven by chaotic sensitivity of global brain states during decision-making processes.

Quantum Epiontic Consciousness: The Ultimate Nondual ‘Matrix’ of Reality (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: It is quite clear that the new quantum perspective indicates that all sentient beings carry a small part of the infinite awareness-consciousness which lies within the heart of reality. This also means that, as John Wheeler in the twentieth century and Buddhist philosophers for at least the last two thousand years have suggested, sentient beings are the agents through which the epiontic ground of the process of reality creates the dualistic world of experience. In fact it seems as if we live in an Epiontic Universe within which the perceptions and activities of all sentient beings determine how, within the limits of the available potentialities, the universe actually manifests. Furthermore human beings, because of their greater sphere of free-will are primarily responsible for the fate and nature of the universe on all levels of manifestation. And, as Stapp, Wheeler, Zurek and others indicate, the intentions and perceptions of sentient beings have a universal impact upon the quantum ground, vanishingly tiny though it may be for any particular individual being. This impact of the intentionality and perceptual activities of sentient beings upon deep levels of the quantum Mindnature universe is such that, as Wheeler and others have clearly indicated, the actual fabric of the appearance of the material world is produced, over vast time scales, by the quantum epiontic mechanism.