Multidimensional Mind, The Miracles of Forgiveness & Naïve Materialism

A Theory of the Multidimensional Universal Mind (by Joseph Zaidan): Abstract: In this essay I shall illustrate that each one of our organs has its own mind, using its own intelligence, to obtain and fulfill its needs. The fact that we are now on our way towards a fast evolution, for ourselves and for our race, means that we cannot let the mind of any single group of organs in our body, or single group of humans on earth, control our mind, our actions, & our intelligence. It has now become of equal importance for us to see to the interest of all our family, and all humanity. So before using our intelligence to plan our actions in the important fields of our life, let us do the necessary to unite the minds of all Humanity.

The Miracles of Forgiveness, Prophecy & Free Will (by Kurt Dressler): Abstract: These are my short reviews of four books listed in the references. I ask the readers to be open minded and relinquish judgment when reading these reviews. Should these reviews be trying on your nerves, then simply look at it as “jafo” (just another forgiveness opportunity).

Metaphoric Phantoms of Matter in Mind (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: In his recent book The Tell-Tale Brian Vilayanur Ramachandran explores in great metaphoric detail his materialist notion that consciousness is nothing more than the brain’s neurons linking and resonating together in synesthetic-metaphoric patterns determined by materialist-mechanistic evolution. In this exploration of his account of metaphor and language, taking account of the actual evidence provided by evolutionary development biology and quantum physics, we find that his naïve materialist perspective of how brain functioning creates the world of meaning is nothing more than a phantom in his brain.