SGJ V3(5) Published: Toward the Unification of Science & Spirituality

Scientific GOD Journal has just published its latest issue V3(5) entitled "Toward the Unification of Science & Spirituality" at We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit SGJ website to review articles and items of interest.

Table of Contents (


The Human Aspect of Christ between Classic and Quantum Consciousness: Gethsemane - Anxiety & Depression between Biochemistry & Anthropology (by Massimo Cocchi, Lucio Tonello & Fabio Gabrielli)

Unfolding the Visionary Path of the Tree of Life (by Chris King)

Ultraholism: The Field of Infinite Meaning (by Iona Miller)

Demiurgic Field: Its Patterning Role in Chaos, Creation & Creativity (by Iona Miller & Paul Wildman)

Zero Sum Game: Pre-Physical-Existence & Psychophysical Reality (by Iona Miller)

SGJ Editors, Scientific GOD Inc.