Cosmological Aspects of Consciousness I

Hypothesis on the Central Role of Serotonin in Biological and Anthropological Creation (by Massimo Cocchi, Lucio Tonello, Fabio Gabrielli, Daniel Levi, Giancarlo Pantaleoni)

A fascinating hypothesis is made on the central role of serotonin as a guide, as the director of the phenomena that enable the best use of light by the plant world, the growth, the regulation of mood in the complex molecular interactions that characterize the varying levels of consciousness. This hypothesis supports the biological plausibility of the pace of creation written in the genesis by providing biological interpretations of the correspondence of creative steps, from light to man, passing through the vegetable and animal world.

The Ising Model of Spin Interactions as an Oracle of Self-Organized Criticality, Fractal Mode-Locking & Power Law Statistics in Neurodynamics (by Chris King)

This short report highlights properties of fractality and self-organized criticality in the Ising model of ferromagnetism and how these ideas can be applied using wavelet transforms to comparisons with the study of self-organized criticality in neurodynamics. Matlab programs are provided to freely replicate the results.

Sensory Transduction and Subjective Experience: Expression of eight genes in three senses suggests a radical model of consciousness (by Chris King)

Recent research into whole genome mapping of the mouse brain has made possible direct investigation of the brain expression of unusual genes. A search of the Allen Brain Atlas database has provided genetic and neuro-anatomical evidence for widespread specific expression in the brain of eight genes specific to sensory transduction, in vision, hearing and touch. A novel biophysical model is proposed for the function of these proteins, in generating the internal model of experiential reality.