PSTJ V3(10) Published: Progress in Physics

Prespacetime Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 10 entitled "Progress in Physics": :


The Gravitational Field of an Accelerating Mass: Gravitational Waves (by Antoine Acke):

On a New Position Space Doubly Special Relativity Theory (by Golden G. Nyambuya):

TGD Counterpart for Higgs-Like Particle (by Matti Pitkänen):

M8 - M4 x CP2 Duality, Preferred Extremals, Criticality & Mandelbrot Fractals (by Matti Pitkänen):

The Pioneer Anomaly (by B. G. Sidharth):


Return of String Theory to Symmetry & SUSY 2012 (by Philip E. Gibbs):


LHC Update for August 2012 (by Philip E. Gibbs):

New Science Prize Setup by Yuri Milner (by Philip E. Gibbs):

In Memory

Ray B. Munroe Jr. 1958-2012: Advocate of Geometric Approach to GUT (by Huping Hu):

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