An Onto-Epic Quantum Physicist & Observer as Absolute Reference Frame

Reflections on an Unromantic Brief Encounter with an Onto-Epic Quantum Physicist (by Graham P. Smetham): A recent encounter with a quantum physicist has prompted me to examine the claims made by some interpreters of the work of Wojciech H. Zurek, and perhaps by Zurek himself – he does not seem to be clear on this point, that the quantum Darwinian approach to decoherence provides a means to establish the ‘objectivity’ of the classical world through the quantum ‘epiontic’ mechanism. A detailed and rigorous philosophical analysis of Zurek’s perspective indicates that the kind of objectivity provided by the quantum Darwinian physical-metaphysical perspective corresponds to what Bernard d’Espagnat terms ‘weak objectivity’, which is in fact a mixture of objectivity and subjectivity. Some of Zurek’s remarks seem to indicate that he thinks that his analysis undermines the ‘ultimate evidence’ that the classical world is entangled and dependent upon consciousness. However, a rigorous analysis shows that the opposite is the case; Zurek’s epiontic quantum Darwinian classical universe is ultimately dependent upon consciousness. I also indicate some remarkable points of contact with Buddhist metaphysics.

Observer Is Absolute Reference Frame Originated Inside Fundamental Vacuum (by Amrit S. Sorli): Experimental data confirm relative rate of clocks in different inertial systems is valid for all observers. Clocks run in a quantum vacuum, their relative rate depend on velocity of a given inertial system and on the strength of gravity in the region where the clock under consideration “ticks”. In order to explain the validity of relative clocks rate for all observers the proposal here suggested is that all observers are function of some primordial vacuum into which quantum vacuum exists. This fundamental vacuum can be described with three-dimensional Euclid space where each point of the space has a potential function of observation. Wherever in quantum vacuum scientist exists fundamental vacuum observes through his organism and experience changes in quantum vacuum. In this sense fundamental vacuum acts through every human organism as the observer and is indeed the absolute reference frame for all changes.