Key to Happiness & Ancient Wisdom in Modern Age

The Key to Happiness in Existence (by Steven E. Kaufman): Having come to understand recently the nature of the relation that creates what the Individual apprehends as emotional experience, I share here my view on the secret of happiness. In essence, happiness is a song that each Individual composes and plays for him/herself. And when you are trying to get someone else or the world to be your dancing monkey, playing your song in an effort to force others and the world around you into an arrangement that you think will reflexively evoke within you a wanted emotion, then you are not playing the song of happiness. And if you are not playing the song of happiness then you are playing its opposite, because for Existence, which is what we all are, there is no third option.

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Age: An Archaic Renaissance (by Iona Miller, Paul Wildman): Today we do our best to live in a world going mad as if we need to give ourselves some sort of psychic vaccination, so we can inoculate ourselves from this madness. This vaccination may be an archetypal journey through our contemplation which will necessitate a shamanic tincture and a delving into the darkness and light of our own depths. It is only by going through and making the darkness conscious and conscious darkness that we arrive at the light. In this article we seek to expand on techniques I and V in Table 1 in Miller and Wildman (2012:493) published in this journal. Technique I is "Doing Immersion (exoteric thesis) – practical involvement in mundane life"; and Technique V is "Re-entry of life ‘creactive' synthesis." In the end, we suggest a ‘bridge of boats’ approach that will allow anyone to position themselves where they are comfortable and such that they can make a practical contribution.