PSTJ 3(11) Published: Progress in Physics II

Prespacetime Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 11 entitled "Progress in Physics II":


Does the Sum Rule Hold at the Big Bang? (by Andrew W. Beckwith)

From Fractality of Quantum Mechanics to Bohr-Sommerfeld Quantization of Planetary Orbit Distance (by Victor Christianto)

On Lorentz-invariant Theory of Gravitation Part 3: Optical-mechanical Analogy and the Particle-wave Duality in the Theory of Gravity (by Alexander G. Kyriakos)

Quantum Hall Effect and the Effective Hierarchy of Planck Constants (by Matti Pitkänen)

Updated View about the Hierarchy of Planck Constants (by Matti Pitkänen)

On The Cosmological Constant and the Higgs Mechanism (by B. G. Sidharth)

GR Articles

Kantowaski–Sachs Dark Energy Model in f(R,T) Gravity (by Shivdas D. Katore, A. Y. Shaikh)

Bulk Viscous Fluid Hypersrface-Homogeneous Cosmological Models in Barbar's Second Self-creation Theory (by Kishor S. Wankhade)


Who Will Tell Us How Space & Time Are Non-existent for Light? (by Himangsu S. Pal)


LHC Update for September 2012 (by Philip E. Gibbs)