LHC's "Information for World Transformation"

According to CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research, "[o]ur understanding of the Universe is about to change..." by the Large Hadron Collider. This is certainly true.

The key to this change is whether LHC will discover the Higgs Boson of the Standard Model or any Higgs Boson. According to Dr. Philip E. Gibbs who has done tremendous work to keep both the scientific community and general public informed, "Higgs boson hints are still alive. What is particularly interesting now is the bump at 140 GeV. Some people said that this excess came mostly from the WW channel, yet when the WW channel is removed the bump is still there with nearly 2-sigma significance. The two bumps peaking at 118 GeV and 128 GeV are also the right size for a Higgs signal but error bands are still too big. Any of these bumps could be statistical fluctuations but it is very unlikely that they all are. With current data available in the high-resolution channels it is not yet possible to draw robust conclusions, but I think I have demonstrated that this will be the best way to find the Higgs with future data. I hope the experimenters will take note and produce similar plots from the official data. Updated results with 2.5/fb could appear within weeks and we will see where the three candidate bumps are heading."

The absence of Higgs Boson will have dramatic effect on our understanding of the Universe. In that case, we have to rebuild our models of particle physics from scratch.

It should be pointed out here that Higgs boson was dubbed as the “God Particle” by Leon Lederman and hyped as such by the media. To many of us, Higgs boson should not be called the “God Particle." The genuine “God particle” should have at least the following explanatory powers:

a) Explanation of the creations of bosons and fermions;
b) Explanation of gravitatonal force;
c) Explanation of the strong force;
d) Explanation of the weak force;
e) Explanation of the electromagnetic force;
f) Explanation of the origin of the Universe;
g) Explanation of or relation to Consciousness; and
h) Etc.

We are in the super-connected Age of Internet and technological wonders made possible through science. There is no doubt that we are also at the dawn of a brave New World in particle physics and science overall. Every genuine truth seeker should seize this moment. What we have witnessed so far is the rise of collaborative spirit in physics. We urge all genuine truth seekers to work together to make the brave New World a reality.

Huping Hu & Maoxin Wu

September 22, 2011