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A Cosmic Insight (by Robert W. Campbell)

The author describes the first of a series of cosmic experiences that explicitly demonstrated the workings of the Cosmic Order. These awesome visual and experiential insights over a period of years revealed a Universal Methodology that the author calls “The System.”[i] It can complement traditional approaches to the physical, biological and social sciences. Five days of continual organic ecstasy preceded the first cosmic experience.

The Supreme Being explicitly identified Himself by demonstrating that there is no being apart from His Supreme Being. God is the living manifestation of Universal Values. He is Universal Wholeness as System 1, transcending and subsuming an open ended nested hierarchy of discrete higher Systems each of which elaborates on the lower Systems that transcend and subsume them. The subsumed hierarchy delineates how the whole of creation is structurally organized to work. Universal values bridge a Rift in Wholeness between self and other than self.

God is a supreme universal aspect of Self in Other than self. He is alive within all creation and yet he also transcends and subsumes the whole of creation. The System exhausts all possible structural varieties of phenomenal experience with respect to active interface processes between a common inside and a common outside, neither of which can be known to the exclusion of the other. All we can ever know in phenomena of any kind is active interface processes between them. The cosmic order historically integrates experience via the timeless and formless Void from which the universe of physical form is synchronously recalled. The boundless Void is a master memory bank that the Supreme Being subsumes and can employ as a medium of revelation in cosmic insights at His sole discretion.


Scientific GOD Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 9 entitled "Cosmic Insight, Pathway for Compassion, Creation of Experiential Reality & Glocalisation."


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