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Scientific GOD Prize (Part I)

(Established in June 2007 - Non-Monetary Award)

In the name of our Creator
~ GOD, ALLAH, SHEN, Consciousness ~
who has been spiritually revealed to mankind through out the millennia by its Prophets, Son or other means such as
Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Hinduism, Yi Jing & the Tao
we submitters to truth hereby proclaim the Scientific Revelations of the Creator and establish through Scientific GOD Inc.:

Scientific GOD Prize


Pythagoras ~~ Laozi ~~ Kong Fuzi ~~ Socrates ~~ Plato
Aristotle ~~ Archimedes ~~ Patanjali


Claudius Ptolemaeus ~~ Zhang Heng ~~ Plotinus


Ibn al-Haytham ~~ Ibn Arabi ~~ Muhammad Rumi ~~ Thomas Aquinas


Nicolaus Copernicus ~~ Francis Bacon ~~ Galileo Galilei ~~ Giordano Bruno
Johannes Kepler ~~ Isaac Newton ~~ Leonhard Euler


Dante Alighieri ~~ Leonardo da Vinci

(To be continued)