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The Role of Revelation in Science (by Huping Hu): Abstract: Alexandru C. V. Ceapa suggested in his work posthumously published here that comtemorary physicists deny the role of Divine revelation in the making of modern physics and yet Einstein’s derivation of the Lorentz transformation in his 1905 paper on Special Theory of Relativity (“STR”) and his later disregarding of it were the most striking proof that revelation played an essential role in the making of STR. Ceapa’s work challenges all truth seekers to think deeply about the origin of scientific insight and creativity and examine closely the ontological basis of the pillars of modern physics, e.g., Einstein’s STR. If doing so shall assist us move “toward an exciting rebuilding of modern physics” as Ceapa hoped, he had not fought in vain and his work should not be forgotten.

My Friendship with Dr. Alexandru Ceapa (by Yiannis Haranas): Abstract: This is my brief recollection of my friendship with Dr. Alexandru Ceapa who passed away in 2006.

Dr. Alexandru C.V. Ceapa as I know (by Isabel Gaju) :Abstract: This is my brief recollection of Dr. Alexandru C.V. Ceapa as a family friend and physicist.

Toward an Exciting Rebuilding of Modern Physics: Forward (by Alexandru C. V. Ceapa): Abstract: For contributing to a true advancement of science, physicists should define a correct attitude toward revelation, identify, like the classical physicists, the physical information incorporated in the terms of the underlying equations, and give a rationale for their work, or any work they investigate. Einstein’s merit of turning parts of revealed knowledge (without being aware of dealing with it) into rational knowledge in deducing the Lorentz transformation in [1] proves that his genius was actually far more impressive than that just celebrated in the World Year of Physics 2005 [3]. Unfortunately, his resulting jumps over all explanatory steps have hidden his distinguished performance.

Prologue: Outline of the Crisis of Modern Physics (by Alexandru C. V. Ceapa): Abstract: The definition of revelation and the attitude toward it is illustrated. Key contributors toward the crisis of Modern Physics due to the unwareness or attitude on revealed knowledge are pointed out.

Definitions, Working Hypothesis & Operational Method (by Alexandru C. V. Ceapa): Abstract: Definitions, working hypothesis & operational method are described here. This will allow us to obtain later time-dependent coordinate transformations that are complementary to those already known as spatial translations and rotations.

Complementary Time-Dependent Coordinate Transformation (by Alexandru C. V. Ceapa): Abstract: Abstract coordinate systems at abolsute rest are discussed. Time-dependent coordinate transformations that are complementary to those already known as spatial translations and rotations are described here. Then, it is shown that standard Lorentz transformation is a complementary time-dependent coordinate transformation.

Lorentz Transformation & the Meaning of Einstein’s 1905 Special Theory of Relativity (by Alexandru C. V. Ceapa) Abstract: When the Lorentz transformation as a complementary time-dependent coordinate transformation is applied to special relativity theory, we get the objective reality warranting Einstein’s decisions to manipulate some equations that led to the standard Lorentz transformation in [1]. It turns out that the terms and in the standard Lorentz transformation are, respectively, the abscissa of a geometrical point and the Newtonian time in which a light signal travels that abscissa.