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How GOD Created Light & Its Governing Law

Scientific GOD is about the scientific aspects of GOD both theoretically and experimentally and GOD’s scientific revelations. It is a new pathway to truth and unity in the age of science and technology. Scientific GOD provides scientific foundations for many spiritual, mystical and metaphysical teachings of all traditional religions, spirituality and mysticisms.

For example, Genesis of the Old Testament says: “…God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” However, how this was done is left to the scientific revelations of GOD in the scientific age.

In the source-free vacuum, light as electromagnetic field (photon) is governed by the following Maxwell equations:

Scientifically, the question then becomes how GOD created the electromagnetic field (photon) and the governing law as manifested by the Maxwell equations. We will answer this question here. It turns out that GOD created both the light and the governing law through imagination and matrixization of Its body.

Based on the Principle of Existence [1-2], before creation, GOD was alone in a singular (primal) state of Being – Oneness and Unity of Existence:


“e” is GOD’s body, ether, the foundation of existence;
“i” is GOD’s imagination, the source of creativity; and
“0” is initial state of GOD’s mind; emptiness, nothingness.

To create light and the governing law, GOD imagined and matrixized Its body as follows:

where S is photon spin (operator).

For details, please see [1-2]