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A Great Triumph in 21st Century Particle Physics: the Discovery of a New Particle & the Aftermath (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu)

On July 4, 2012, CERRN announced discovery of a new particle. Congratulations to CERN, Fermilab, people at LHC, people at Tevatron and all the theoretical and experimental physicists who made this discovery possible over the last 50 years! In the meantime, let us all be cautious and open-minded about the new discovery since there are still unsettling issues. After introductions of Higgs discovery related articles in this issue, we shall focus our attentions on some of the phobic, allergic or even hostile but important issues related to the new discovery. The topics covered includes: Antidote to 20th Century phobia; “higgson” as the name of the new particle; quantum gravity & table top experiments; higgson as the shadow of a fundamental entity; and the 2012 phenomena & and Dawn of a Brave New World. This Editorial ends with a “mathematical” poem entitled “The Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up.”

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Prespacetime Journal has just published a Special Issue 3(9) entitled "Great Triumph in 21st Century Particle Physics: The Discovery of a New Particle & the Aftermath" at

Table of Contents:


The Higgs Boson and the Power of Consistency (by Philip E. Gibbs)

A Great Triumph in 21st Century Particle Physics: the Discovery of a New Particle & the Aftermath (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu)

Special Reports

Higgs Live, viXra Combinations and Congratulations - It's an Boson (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Tevatron Squeeze 2.9 Sigma Higgs Signal (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Higgs Essays

A Review of Higgs Particle Physics (by Lawrence B. Crowell)

Is It Really Higgs? (by Matti Pitkänen)

The Higgs Boson (by B. G. Sidharth)

Crossroads on Way to Single Mathematical Particle (by Dainis Zeps)


Are Unofficial Higgs Combinations Valid? Unofficial Higgs Discovery with 2011 Data and H --> WW Revisited (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Decomposing Electromagnetism's Four-potential into Quantizable and non-Quantizable Parts via Conserved Spacelike Projections of the Four-current (by Steven K. Kauffmann)

Preferred Extremals of Kahler Action & Solutions of the Modified Dirac Equation? (by Matti Pitkänen)

Hunting the Higgs Boson Using the Cholesky Decomposition of an Indefinite Matrix (by John R Smith, Milan Nikolic, Stephen P. Smith)

The Zero-mass Renormalization Group Differential Equations and Limit Cycles in Non-smooth Initial Value Problems (by Xiao-Jun Yang)

Doppler Effect of Time and Space (by Giovanni Zazella)


Who Will/should Get the Nobel Prize for the Higgs Boson? (by Philip E. Gibbs)


Post-Higgs LHC Update (by Philip E. Gibbs)