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JOHN RAY (1627-1705), founder of Modern Biology and Natural History

1. In his book The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation (1691), John Ray wrote: “There is no greater, at least no more palpable and convincing Argument of the Existence of a Deity, than the admirable Art and Wisdom that discovers itself in the Make and Constitution, the Order and Disposition, the Ends and Uses of all the Parts and Members of this stately Fabrick of Heaven and Earth.” (Ray 1717, Part I).

2. “There is for a free man no occupation more worth and delightful than to contemplate the beauteous works of nature and honor the infinite wisdom and goodness of God.” (Ray, as cited in Graves 1996, 66; see also Yahya 2002).

3. “We feed our Bodies; our Souls are also to be fed: The Food of the Soul is Knowledge, especially Knowledge in the Things of God, and the Things that concern its Eternal Peace and Happiness - the Doctrine of Christianity, the Word of God read and preached, 1 Pet. ii. 2. ‘As newborn Babes, desire the sincere Milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby’.” (Ray 1717, 399).

4. “The Life of a Christian is a continual Warfare, and we have potent and vigilant Enemies to encounter withal: the Devil, the World, and this corrupt Flesh we carry about with us.” (Ray 1717, 401).

5. “He that with his Christian Armour manfully fights against and repels the Temptations and Assaults of his Spiritual Enemies, he that keeps his Garments pure, and his Conscience void of Offence towards God and towards Man, shall enjoy perfect Peace here, and Assurance for ever.” (Ray 1717, 402).

Ray’s major theological works are A Persuasive to a Holy Life (1700) and the three Physico-Theological Discourses (1692).

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