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Mathematical Proof of Scientific GOD (by Huping Hu): Abstract: This poem proves/expresses mathematically the ominpresence, omniscience, omnipotence & omni-action of Scientific GOD.

There Is No Such Thing as "Inert" Matter (by Robert N. Boyd): Abstract: The trend towards a universal human acceptance of the dogma that "everything is inert" has led humanity to various conditions of despair and depression and oppression and suppression, and vast numbers of other kinds of suffering. It is high time that this trend should be reversed, so that direct and transcendent personal experiences of Nature and Divinity are allowed to be sought out by the people, and then treasured, rather than reviled as "unscientific". A science completely devoid of Consciousness is utterly incapable of predicting any event or result that involves Consciousness.

Some Implications of Human Genome Research and Its Related Ethical Discourse (by Victor Christianto): Abstract: We discuss a number of ethical considerations related to genome research and results of human genome project’s efforts. It shall become apprent that there are ethical risks and also numerous questions which are open and yet to be defined by those reputable teams, especially concerning the use of genetic enhancement and genetic enrichment of particular human being in comparison with other human being given differences in economics position in society.

Commentary on Smetham’s “The Grand Designer: Can Hawking's Godless Theory of Everything Run without GOD” (by Richard D. Ruquist): Abstract: The string theory perspective mitigates Smetham’s dismissal of the primacy of mathematics as in this statement; "Thus consciousness, not mathematics, must be the primary mover of the universal process”, which is true except that mathematics may be the basis of a cosmic consciousness that includes perhaps the invisible human mind as well. I presume that visible human consciousness has a physical neurological basis suggestive of a mind/brain duality.