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Scientific GOD Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 9 entitled "Cosmic Insight, Pathway for Compassion, Creation of Experiential Reality & Glocalisation."


Scientific Pathway for Compassion (by Pradeep B. Deshpande)

The Conscious or Unconscious Creation of Experiential Reality (by Steven E. Kaufman)

Glocalisation as a Key Human Survival Technology: Towards a Fractal Logic for Growing Peaceful Futures through an Archaic Renaissance (by Paul Wildman, Iona Miller)

Mystical Experiences

A Cosmic Insight (by Robert W. Campbell)


About Truth and Bias (by Robert W. Campbell)

The Experiential Basis of the Spiritualist/Materialist Duality (by Steven E. Kaufman)

The Either/Or Nature of the Individual's Mode of Being as Allowing or Resistant in the Creation of Experiential Reality (by Steven E. Kaufman)

The Necessity of God & the Uncreated Whole (by Himangsu S. Pal)