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Increased Photon Emissions from the Right But Not the Left Hemisphere While Imagining White Light in the Dark: The Potential Connection Between Consciousness and Cerebral Light (by Blake T. Dotta, Michael A. Persinger): Abstract: Measurements by a photomultiplier tube at distances of 15 cm from the head demonstrated significant increases in biophoton energies along the right side but not the left when subjects imagined white light in a dark environment. The increased power density of ~ 3 x 10-11 W/m2 did not occur when the same subjects thought about mundane experiences. The calculated increased photon energy while imagining white light was equivalent to the involvement of action potentials from about 107 cerebral cortical neurons. These values are consistent with the typical numbers of neurons involved with imaginative states as inferred from fMRI technologies and the hypothesized origins of biophotons from lipid and redox reactions within cell membranes. We suggest these results support Bόkkon's hypothesis that specific visual imagery is strongly correlated with the release of biophotons and may be the actual experience of organized matrices of photons. The cognitive coupling with photon emissions would also support the electron spin-mediated hypothesis of Hu and Wu for the origin of consciousness.

The Myth of Mind-Independent Reality & the Metaphysics of Nondual Epiontic Quantum Mindnature (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: In this paper I shall argue that the notion of the ‘existence’ of a ‘Mind Independent Reality’ (MIR) is ill conceived if one understands this concept as indicating that there is some ‘ultimate’ or final aspect of reality which is absolutely and totally beyond the mind’s com-prehension or experience. By elucidating the central features of the Buddhist Mind-Only metaphysical account of the operation of the ‘three natures’ of fundamental Mindnature in the context of modern quantum physics and quantum field theory I set out to show that a ‘Metaphysics of Nondual Epiontic Quantum Mindnature’ provides a comprehensive and exhaustive account of the process of reality; an account which has no room or necessity for a mind-independent reality (MIR).

The Elegance of Enigma: Quantum Darwinism, Quantum Bayesianism (QBism) & Quantum Buddhism (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: Quantum Bayesianism or QBism is a new approach to quantum interpretation which offers a radically subjectivist and pan-experientialist account of the functioning of quantum ‘reality’ and the emergence of the ‘classical’ world. In a recent collection of essays Elegance and Enigma: The Quantum Interviews there is a debate between one of the supporters of the QBism paradigm, C. A. Fuchs, and the instigator of ‘quantum Darwinism’, W. Zurek, as to the viability of such a radically subjectivist position. Zurek suggests that the ‘many worlds’ interpretation and the QBism perspectives are extreme views and his perspective steers a ‘middle way’ between the two. In this article I show that an almost identical metaphysical debate occurred in fourteenth and fifteenth Tibetan Buddhism concerning the nature of ultimate reality. The two debates are examined, contrasted and the conclusion that it may be the case that quantum reality may be describable in differing complementary and interrelated ways is drawn.

Scientific GOD Journal has just published another issue issue entitled "Reality in a Holographic World, Buddhist Metaphysics & Quantum Buddhism"at . We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit the journal website to review articles and items of interest.

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Huping Hu & Maoxin Wu

SGJ Editors
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Scientific GOD Journal
Vol 2, No 10 (2011): Reality in a Holographic World, Buddhist Metaphysics &
Quantum Buddhism
Table of Contents

What is Reality in a Holographic World?
        James Kowall

The ‘Epiontic’ Dependently Originating Process of Cyclic Existence
According to Early Buddhist Metaphysics
        Graham P. Smetham

The Quantum Truth of the Buddhist Metaphysics  of the ‘Two Truths’ or
‘Two Realities’
        Graham P. Smetham

The Myth of Mind-Independent Reality & the Metaphysics of Nondual Epiontic
Quantum Mindnature
        Graham P. Smetham

The Elegance of Enigma: Quantum Darwinism, Quantum Bayesianism (QBism) &
Quantum Buddhism – In Pursuit of a (Quantum) Middle Way!
        Graham P. Smetham

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