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The Nature of God: Part I (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: Using dialectic logic, not only the nature of the physical Universe but also the nature of God can be detected. God as “I am” is the highest, richest but simplest form of existence. So it represents the starting point of the whole being and the eternal process of self-consciousness. “I am” contains everything in its total unity. It needs no other explanation as it is evident for everyone and given in his “self-consciousness”. It is the starting point and the goal of the whole evolution in Nature. It is the apex of unity of being and the clearest manifestation of Occam´s razor, by explanation of the true nature of existence.

The Nature of God: Part II (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: God perpetually impresses his unlimited intelligence into all levels of his Creation through his free Will. The more the effort the higher is his pleasure. Man is a product of his extreme effort. So Man is so dear for God as a victory of his Spirit and intelligence over matter. Evolution is the divine triumphal and joyful campaign to the highest level of spiritual power and freedom. Every higher step of evolution represents the overreach of lower level of freedom, power and consciousness. God supposes also our social road to higher levels of freedom, power and self-consciousness in order to achieve the divine Kingdom of Freedom and Spirit on the Earth.

The Nature of God: Part III (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: Man must fully realize his true nature and optimistic perspectives being in front of him. Only the knowing of truth can make Man to be free and happy. The biggest lie is that the true essence of being is unreachable for our knowledge.

Scientific GOD Based on Reason, Revealed Knowledge & Spiritual/Mystical Experience (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: This issue marks the one year anniversary of the maiden voyage of Scientific GOD Journal as a vehicle for scientists, philosophers, theologians and other learned scholars to publish their research results, understandings and spiritual/mystical experiences of GOD in this Golden Age of Science. Here we briefly discuss the past, present and future of this journal and the organization behind it. It is hoped that in the coming years all truth seekers shall become clear in our eyes, resolute in our hearts and swift in our steps to search, reveal and experience scientific GOD.

New Proofs for the Existence of God: Part I: The Sesamatic Proof (by Mohammed Muslim): Abstract: The eternal Imaginer must exist. Without eternity and imagination, nothing can come into being.

Quantum Epiontic GOD: A ‘Mystical’ Metaphysics of Constrained Religious Relativism (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: It is quite clear that the new quantum perspective indicates that all sentient beings carry a small part of the infinite awareness-consciousness which lies within the heart of reality. This also means that, as John Wheeler in the twentieth century and Buddhist philosophers for at least the last two thousand years have suggested, sentient beings are the agents through which the epiontic ground of the process of reality creates the dualistic world of experience. Furthermore human beings, because of their greater sphere of free-will are primarily responsible for the fate and nature of the universe on all levels of manifestation. And, as Stapp, Wheeler, Zurek and others indicate, the intentions and perceptions of sentient beings have a universal impact upon the quantum ground, vanishingly tiny though it may be for any particular individual being. This impact of the intentionality and perceptual activities of sentient beings upon deep levels of the quantum Mindnature universe is such that, as Wheeler and others have clearly indicated, the actual fabric of the appearance of the material world is produced, over vast time scales, by the quantum epiontic mechanism. In fact it seems as if we live in an Epiontic Universe within which the perceptions and activities of all sentient beings determine how, within the limits of the available potentialities, the universe actually manifests. If this is true of the seemingly material realm it must also be true of the spiritual realm. This is indeed a remarkable upshot; an understanding of the epiontic quantum nature of the process of reality gives us a precise insight to the nature of the ‘constrained relativism’ of mystical religious ‘symbolic forms.’ It must be the case that the manifestation of the qualitative spiritual ground of reality will depend upon the ways in which the spiritual dimension of reality has been epiontically perceived by human beings over long time periods.

Aether: The Physicalists' God (by Laurent R. Duchesne): Abstract: This is not a new theory but a new insight on already existing theories, a freshly synthesized interpretation consistent with already known and well accepted scientific facts. This essay contains parts of what I have realized after a lifelong quest for proof of wholeness in space and time as a fundamental property of the universe. For a complete treatment, readers are directed to my book listed in the reference (Duchesne, 2010).