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Chance or Intelligence? (by Nadeem Haque): Abstract: It is argued that, if our answer to creation by chance is negative, there can only be a unique governing intelligence. This vast singular intelligence must have created and developed all living and non-living things, as well as particles/energy and time itself.

Did the Buddha Believe in God? (by Nadeem Haque): Abstract: It is argued that Buddha, contrary to being an atheist or a person who never answered or avoided answering the question of God’s existence, as some of the present day Buddhist sects and most Western and Eastern scholars portray, also believed in One God.

Meaningless or Purposeful? (by Nadeem Haque, Mehran Banaei): Abstract: We reflect as to whether there is a purpose behind the Big Bang, and ask such questions as: what role are we to play, if any, in the realm that has evolved afterwards? Did nature evolve from the Big Bang merely for subservience to Man?

The Magic of Existence (by Nadeem Haque): Abstract: A collection of my poems expresses the “magic of existence”.

A Rational Guide to the Awareness of the Ultimate Reality of Allah (by Nadeem Haque): Abstract: In this article, we shall be examining the method by which one can expand one’s consciousness – a way by which one advances and creates that much sought after inner peace. We shall be analyzing four distinct, yet interrelated stages in an evolution of a human being’s understanding of his/her self and his/her place the universe. We shall be looking into the key ingredients that lead to self-actualized peace, through a unique method of the expansion of human consciousness, which I term: AURA.

Prophet Abraham and the Causal Loop: A New Perspective on a Landmark Historical Event & Its Universal Implications (by Nadeem Haque): Abstract: In this article, we shall discuss causal loop (FPCL) which is a concept that is both fascinating and complex. Here, we can only scratch the surface of it. However, it shows us that our understanding of space and time and the human mind will continue to advance, where more light will be shed, if only we were to think logically and objectively.

Concise Proofs of God & Consciousness (by Zeshan Shahbaz): Abstract: In this article, we shall provide concise proofs of God and Consciousness. It is logically concluded that for any thing to 'be' is preceded by its cause. It is further concluded that there is one, limitless, eternal, incomparable, conscious Mover to the universe.

Bridge between Science & Religion (by Nadeem Haque, Mehran Banaei): Abstract: Taking the route of intelligence, rather than that of chance, it is suggested that Qur’an can be used as a guide and motivator to dissolve the artificial boundary between the sacred and the profane, science and divinity, through a natural rapprochement based on the correlation between causality in nature and pristine revelation. Inevitably, such a rapprochement would further set the stage for transforming human thought towards a unitary understanding of the whole purpose of creation and man’s role within the vastness of cosmic order. In fact, anyone imbued with such an outlook would not be searching for a pristine revelation to act as a bridge between science and religion. That which is one, needs no bridge. Indeed, in this vein of reality, it can certainly be proclaimed that science is truly religion and religion truly science.