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Laurent Jul 6 '12
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Instead of -- to be is to be perceived -- (consciousness precedes matter), it should have been -- to be is to perceive -- (matter precedes consciousness).

According to present day theory, the total energy available to the universe was preset at the moment of its emergence, and Thermodynamics tell us that each of its parts must register how much energy is being used in relation to the whole. Each object that moves in space must follow the laws of energy conservation. But how else could the universe register how much energy was being used by an object moving at nearly the speed of light if it wasn't through momentum space?

As Ernst Mach explained inertia, he came to the conclusion that energy usage by objects within the universe is instantaneously registered through momentum space. This is where phenomena like inertia comes from. Particles sense other particles as they complete the state information exchange and realize the spatial relationships required to collapse the wave packet from hyperspace, as they crystallize into spacetime. Holistic perception is an intrinsic function of matter explained by the aether's oneness.

The observer, in the present theory, must refer to any object that is able to interpret environmental information brought in by EM waves. Observation with the only purpose of establishing the particle's spatial parameters (speed, distance, mass...) in any given inertial frame. The particle must first be perfectly synced with the environment before it can exist as matter in spacetime, that is the law.

John Von Neumann was right when he said that the evolution of the Schrödinger wave depends on quantum mechanical observables, implying that this information can only come from spacetime. Yet, since the theory considers brains to be quantum measuring devices, it also includes human observers as efficacious agents. The only reason human brains entered the equation was that, as they received light (EMR) coming from the particle, just as all objects in spacetime do, information about momentum and location of the particle, which is vital to maintain energy conservation laws, became known to the particle/system; allowing it to complete the feedback control loop and continue to condense.

So Quantum Mechanics' big mystery was -- why do I have to observe Schrödinger's cat in order for it to live or die? The answer is that our brains are quantum measuring devices, just as the rest of all matter is. We are the best quantum measuring device that ever emerged from all the information processing that has transcurred in our neighborhood to this date. Interactions within a system, like in a brain for example, depend on more than the information it gets through the senses.

Perception is a very old natural function inherent in all matter, not some exclusive human ability. Particles in spacetime perceive, select, and integrate into their wave function only that information which is important, or useful to them, in their endless quest for thermal efficiency and equilibrium. Our mind, with all of its mental waves and accompanying frequencies, became the modern version of that same holistic awareness function after 14 billion years of information processing, autopoiesis, and evolution. And wholeness in space and time is what allowed Nature to evolve. 

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Huping Hu Jul 6 '12
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Hi Laurent, thanks for the post.