Time Measurement, Special Relativity & Time Fractional Formalism

New Understanding of Time Measurement (by Amrit S. Sorli): Recent physical research on time measuring suggests time measured with clocks is merely a numerical sequence of changes that takes place in quantum vacuum. Observer perceives this mathematical sequence of change with his senses, then it is processed within the framework of linear psychological time “past-present-future”, and finally it is experienced. In quantum vacuum the past, present, and future exist only as a mathematical numerical sequence of change.

An Onto-Epic Quantum Physicist & Observer as Absolute Reference Frame

Reflections on an Unromantic Brief Encounter with an Onto-Epic Quantum Physicist (by Graham P. Smetham): A recent encounter with a quantum physicist has prompted me to examine the claims made by some interpreters of the work of Wojciech H. Zurek, and perhaps by Zurek himself – he does not seem to be clear on this point, that the quantum Darwinian approach to decoherence provides a means to establish the ‘objectivity’ of the classical world through the quantum ‘epiontic’ mechanism.

Quantum Mind, Language, Self Reference & Everything

Quantum Mind in TGD Universe (by Matti Pitkanen): The basic difficulties and challenges of Quantum Mind program are analyzed. The conclusion is that the recent form of quantum theory is not enough to overcome the challenges posed by the philosophical problems of quantum physics and quantum mind theories, and the puzzles of quantum biology and quantum neuroscience. Certain anomalies of recent day biology gives hints about how quantum theory should be generalized to serve as an introduction to the summary of the aspects of quantum TGD especially relevant to the notion of Quantum Mind.

Evidence of God & Mystery of Time

Evidence of God in Modern Physics (by Himangsu S. Pal): This is a collection of my latest essays on the evidence of God in modern physics. In this collection, I shall discuss: (1) Where Should One Seek Evidence for the Existence of God? (2) Quantum Physics and Spaceless Universe; (3) All-pervading God and Quantum Mechanical Worldview; (4) Logical Mind and the Question of God; and (5) Why Do Atheists Complain that There Is No Evidence for God? http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/190

Universe from Nothing & World as a Virtual Reality

Universe from Nothing (by Matti Pitkanen): The book "Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss has stimulated a lot of aggressive debate between philosophers and physicists and gained mediate attention. The basic criticism of philosophers is directed to the identification of "nothing" as vacuum state and it is easy to agree with the criticism. In this essay the purpose is not to consider this issue but go one level deeper and ask what existence could mean - an issue not often discussed in physics circles dominated by materialistic philosophy.


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