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The Chinese Dream of the 21st Century: 
A Call for New Chinese Enlightenment


(July 4th Movement)

Benevolence, Civic Duty, Equality, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness under Scientific GOD (First published in Sciurch of Scientific GOD Volume 1 Issue 5)

Released: December 21, 2011

Author: Xin Mao (新毛)

You can support/sign this Proposed Declaration by registering, logging-in and writing in the Comment Section of this Essay the date, your full name & place of signing which will be collected, compiled and listed/published.
In the spirit of ancient Chinese wisdom and the collective spirits of Chinese sages and pioneers, Laozi, Kong Fuzi, Sun Zhongshan, Mao Zedong & Deng Xiaoping among others, we call all Chinese worldwide to rise up in the pursuit of the Chinese Dream of the 21st Century – benevolence, civic duty, equality, liberty and pursuit of happiness under Scientific GOD. We note here that some aspects of these sacred pursuits might been hindered by our particular history, modern atheism and materialism. Thus, a new enlightenement of all Chinese is the key to accomplish these sacred pursuits and transform Chinese societies. By enlightening and transcending ourselves, we shall transform atheism and materialism to scientific spirituality, curruption to righteousness, injustice to justice, inequality to equality and restriction to liberty. GOD Bless Chinese People! May we all finally arrive at the “Gate of Heavenly Peace and Justice” and start building GOD’s Paradise on Earth. So, let July 4th Movement begin!
Key Words: Chinese Dream, 21st Century, benevolence, civic duty, equality, liberty, pursuit of happiness, enlightenment, July 4th Movement, Mandate of Heaven, Gate of Heavenly Peace, Scientific GOD.

Only powerful people have liberty. Sung Zhongshan

Knowledge is a matter of science and no dishonesty or conceit whatsoever is permissible. What is required is definitely the reverse - honesty and modesty. Mao Zedong

Democracy is our goal, but the country must remain stable. Deng Xiaoping

Over four thousand years ago, our ancestors brought forth on Asia, the Middle Kingdom structured as dynasties and guided by the oracle, Yi Jing, under the Mandate of Heaven. Four thousand years later in 1912, the last dynasty fell and the Chinese Republic was born after the Xinhai Revolution. By the Grace of Heaven (GOD), we now constitute almost one-fourth of the world population and Chinese Societies are rising and advancing in all aspects of material life and on the World Stage. We hold today that all Chinese are not only obligated to uphold our traditional values of benevolence and civic duty but also entitled to the rights of equality, liberty and pursuit of happiness under Scientific GOD. These rights and duties and their extensions shall be applicable in all aspects of our lives - spiritually, physically, financially, environmentally, scientifically and politically - that to secure, advance and perform these rights and duties and thus perfect Chinese Societies, our Constitutions may be amended time to time, if necessary, and successive governmental, social and corporate structures and institutions shall be established, deriving their just political, social and economical powers and duties from the consent of the people - that whenever any structure or institution becomes inadequate of these ends, it is our duties to modernized it or to abolish it, and to establish new ones, laying the foundation on such principles and organizing the structures in such forms, as to us shall seem most likely to reflect our understanding and knowledge of Scientific GOD and Its Mandate.
The Critical Coming Moment
As societies, we have achieved over the last thirty years unprecedented material wealth, technological advances, military strength and worldwide economical power. But we shall be facing great challenges both within our societies and without, testing whether we shall be able to self-govern with equality and liberty, whether our public and private institutions can be transformed and work in harmony for the benefit of all Chinese and whether we can be among great Nations on Earth playing important roles in world affairs and world peace. As a people, we shall be engaged in a great struggle, testing whether we can uphold our traditional values and whether our rights of the 21st Century can be realized, protected, sustained and advanced. Many among us shall also be engaged in a silent struggle in our hearts testing whether our yearning for GOD, benevolence and righteousness can conquer our own shortcomings – materialism, hypocrisy, corruption, or excessive capitalism and commercialism. So, before this critical coming moment, it is appropriate that we Chinese from all walks of life around the world – the religious and the non-religious, the rich and the poor, the executives and the workers, the intellectuals and the laymen – and indeed all who loves Chinese - reflect on the status of our societies and our own belief, morality and conducts as individuals with the great hope of advancing the Chinese Dream of the 21st Century and ushering Chinese and the mankind at large through the “Gate of Heavenly Peace and Justice” and build a new era of unprecedented progress & prosperity under Scientific GOD.
Reflection on Our History & Heritage
It was said that before the advent of our Middle Kingdom, our ancestors lived peacefully with each other and harmoniously with Nature as tribes and clans. Then various dynasties and warring states were born, rose and declined under the Mandate of Heaven – Xia, Shang, Zhou, Warring States, Qing, Han, Three Kingdoms, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming & Qing - creating our long and rich history and cultural heritage. During the late Qing, our people were under the feudal rule of a corrupted government and the semi-colonial rules of foreign invading forces. Oppressed and exploited, our people rebelled through numerous uprisings. The Xinhai Revolution under the leadership of Song Zhongshan and his generals gave birth to our Republic in 1912 ending over two thousand years of feudal rules. However, civil wars and Japanese invasion were soon to follow. Again, as a people we fought in the invaders under the leadership of Mao Zedong and his generals and that of Jiang Jieshi and his generals but we also fought among ourselves until 1949 when Communists defeated Nationalists. Over the last sixty years since the Korea War our societies have lived in peace except occasions of domestic movements and several small border conflicts. Over the last thirty years, the economic reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping and maintained by Communist Government have ushered in the great industrial, technological, economical and financial progress on the Mainland which brought us and rest of the World unprecedented materials goods and thrust our societies to the world stage as a major player. In short, over the last two hundred years from late Qing Dynasty to the present, we, both as societies and as a people, have endured and suffered so much corruption and humiliation, so many foreign invasions and so many domestic upheavals, yet not only we have survived but thrived. So, each of us should ponder whether this has been the Mandate of Heaven and what should be our roles and destiny in the 21st Century?
The Aftermath of Atheism and Materialism
No doubt that it has been the economic reforms initiated by Deng, the creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship of our people and the learning and applications of modern sciences and technologies fueled by capitalism of our own style that brought our societies unprecedented material wealth, prosperity and a world-influencing financial system. However, after all these revolutions and reforms in our recent history, the modern Chinese are not spiritually enlightened or free. After all the revolutions and reforms, the spiritual lives of many among us are sadly crippled by the manacles of atheism and the prisons of materialism. After all the revolutions and reforms, we live on a lonely island of empty spirituality in the midst of a vast ocean of material progress. After all the revolutions and reforms, many among us are confined in the corners of stale faith and find themselves spiritually in exiles on their own land. Indeed, after all the revolutions and reforms, the moralities of many among us are degenerating and some among us become deeply corrupt and are solely driven by money, power and fame. Further, after the economical reforms, the private material wealth is now concentrated in the hands of so a few wealthy individuals and corrupted government officials. The very wealth has created a deep gulf between the rich and the poor. On the other hand, many Chinese are unable to cope with or adapt to the new environments.

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