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Commentary on Michael Cecil’s “Towards A New Paradigm of Consciousness” (by Tony Bermanseder): Abstract: Cecil's attempt to delve deeper and to question the validity of this orthodox reductionistic approach to gain a better understanding of what this consciousness is thoroughly justified and is to be applauded. Cecil has indeed found the 'Rosetta Stone' of Quantum Physics in his valiant approach to couple the material reductionism of the orthodoxy with the 'perennial philosophy' or the 'wisdom of the ancients.' However, Cecil has failed to discern the greater picture in his self-relative decoding of the messages, found in the 'Rosetta Stones of the Quantum'. That is, Cecil has thrown the baby out with the bathwater in his attacks on the human thinking process. There is no requirement whatsoever to 'destroy' the reductionism of science in rigorous mathematical and logical argument and deduction. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/131

Commentary on Tony Bermanseder’s “Physical Consciousness in a Self-conscious Quantum Universe” (by Michael Cecil): Abstract: This is my brief Commentary on Mr. Bermenseder’s “Physical Consciousness in a Self-conscious Quantum Universe” in this issue of JCER. My point is that any attempt to explain human consciousness which focuses exclusively upon the scientific method for the understanding of consciousness—simply ignoring both the consciousness of the “self” and the origin of the consciousness of the “self” in the ‘movement’ of self-reflection—simply does not fulfill the requirements set out by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/132

Commentary on David Sahner’s “Human Consciousness and Selfhood” (by Nils J. Nilsson): Abstract: This is my brief Commentary on David Sahner’s “Human Consciousness and Selfhood: Potential Underpinnings and Compatibility with Artificial Complex Systems” in recent issue of JCER. My main point is that if a rich sensorium and extensive experiences are required for consciousness, machines will have, at least, those necessary conditions no less than humans do. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/133

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Prespacetime Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue & entitled "The Huntfor the Higgs Boson & the Final Prize" at http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/issue/view/30.

Table of Contents: http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/issue/view/30 Special Reports --------

If There Is a Nobel Prize for the Higgs Boson, Who Will Get It? (by Philip E. Gibbs) Articles --------

The Classical Canonical Presentation of Any Quantum System upon Quantization Opens a Door to the System’s Proliferation (by Steven K. Kauffmann)

Quantum Adeles and Quantum Hilbert Spaces (by Matti Pitkänen)

GR Articles --------

Kantowaski-Sachs Dark Energy Cosmological Model in a Saez-Ballester Theory of Gravitation (by Shivdas D. Katore, A. Y. Shaikh, G. B. Tayade) Exact Vacuum Solutions of Five-Dimensional Bianchi Type-I Space-Time in f(R) Theory of Gravity (by Vipin K. Jaiswal, Rupesh A. Hiwarkar, Jyotsna K. Jumale, Keshao D. Thengane)

Essays --------

Educational Horizons and the Frontiers of Science (by Jonathan J. Dickau) Bayesian Statistics and SUSY (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Book Reviews --------

Review of Physics on the Fringe (by Philip E. Gibbs)

News --------

LHC Update: Another Week, Another Inverse Femtobarn (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Higgs Combination Applet & 4th FQXi Essay Contest (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Letter to the Editor --------

Maxwell's Theory of Gravity and Thermodynamics (by Mohammed Alzain)

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Physical Consciousness in a Self-conscious Quantum Universe (by Tony Bermanseder): Abstract: What is this thing called consciousness? Is it a thing created by the brain, which then in some mysterious manner relates to what sentient beings term mind or awareness or cognitive sensory perception or some other labels of individuated or culturally encompassed nomenclature? The holistic scientist knows that the many labelings can be rather confusing and so he/she chooses to call physical 'Consciousness' as something closely associated with the concept of energy. The concept of energy however relates to transformation of something, say in processes definable in ideas of motion, position, momentum and general dynamics. If the materialistic scientist now measures energy, this energy will somehow be engaged in a transmutational process. Otherwise, no motion would be possible. This essay is about first principles and causes which not only caused the universe of the relativity to manifest in energy but also allowed a form of angular acceleration or 'space-awareness' to give birth to the universal and ubiquitous physical consciousness itself. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/128

Towards A New Paradigm of Consciousness (by Michael Cecil): Abstract: The following essay postulates the existence of a non-spatial—and, thus, species non-specific—3rd dimension of consciousness beyond the consciousness of the “self” and the ‘thinker’; a dimension of consciousness within the context of which the current paradigm of the (‘classical’) “science of consciousness” is to be understood as a ‘special case’ (focusing exclusively upon the consciousness of the ‘thinker’) of a more all-inclusive description of consciousness based upon the acknowledgement of three rather than only one dimension of consciousness. This description of consciousness extends the range of applicability of the ‘classical’ “science of consciousness” to Jungian psychology and, for example, animal presentiment and telepathy. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/129

Between-Two: On the Borderline of Being & Time (by Gregory M. Nixon): Abstract: The purpose of this review article is to attempt to come to grips with the elusive vision of Gordon Globus, especially as revealed in this, his latest book. However, one can only grip that which is tangible and solid and Globus’s marriage of Heideggerian anti-concepts and “quantum neurophilosophy” seems purposefully to evade solidity or grasp. This slippery anti-metaphysics is sometimes a curse for the reader seeking imagistic or conceptual clarity, but, on the other hand, it is also the blessing that allows Globus to go far beyond (or deep within) the usual narrative explanations at the frontiers of physics, even that of the quantum variety. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/130

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Generalization of Thermodynamics Allowing Negentropic Entanglement & a Model for Conscious Information Processing (by Matti Pitkänen): Abstract: Costa de Beauregard considers a model for information processing by a computer based on an analogy with Carnot's heat engine. As such the model Beauregard for computer does not look convincing as a model for what happens in biological information processing. Combined with TGD based vision about living matter, the model however inspires a model for how conscious information is generated and how the second law of thermodynamics must be modified in TGD framework. The basic formulas of thermodynamics remain as such since the modification means only the replacement S→S−N, where S is thermodynamical entropy and N the negentropy associated with negentropic entanglement. This circumvents the basic objections against the application of Beauregard's model to living systems. One can also understand why living matter is so effective entropy producer as compared to inanimate matter and also the characteristic decomposition of living systems to highly negentropic and entropic parts as a consequence of generalized second law. ADP-ATP process of metabolism provides a concrete application for the generalized thermodynamics. http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/142

Source-Free Electromagnetism's Canonical Fields Reveal the Free-photon Schrödinger Equation (by Steven K. Kauffmann): Abstract: Classical equations of motion that are first-order in time and conserve energy can only be quantized after their variables have been transformed to canonical ones, i.e., variables in which the energy is the system's Hamiltonian. The source-free version of Maxwell's equations is purely dynamical, first-order in time and has well-defined nonnegative conserved field energy but is decidedly noncanonical. That should long ago have made source-free Maxwell equation canonical Hamiltonization a research priority, and afterward, standard textbook fare, but textbooks seem unaware of the issue. The opposite parities of the electric and magnetic fields and consequent curl operations that typify Maxwell's equations are especially at odds with their being canonical fields. Transformation of the magnetic field into the transverse part of the vector potential helps but is not sufficient; further simple nonnegative symmetric integral transforms, which commute with all differential operators, are needed for both fields; such transforms also supplant the curls in the equations of motion. The canonical replacements of the source-free electromagnetic fields remain transverse-vector fields, but are more diffuse than their predecessors, albeit less diffuse than the transverse vector potential. Combined as the real and imaginary parts of a complex field, the canonical fields prove to be the transverse-vector wave function of a time-dependent Schrodinger equation whose Hamiltonian operator is the quantization of the free photon's square-root relativistic energy. Thus proper quantization of the source-free Maxwell equations is identical to second quantization of free photons that have normal square-root energy. There is no physical reason why first and second quantization of any relativistic free particle ought not to proceed in precise parallel, utilizing the square-root Hamiltonian operator. This natural procedure leaves no role for the completely artificial Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations, as accords with their grossly unphysical properties. http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/141

Analysis of the Problem of Relation between Geometry and Natural Sciences (by Temur Kalanov): Abstract: The work is devoted to analysis of an actual problem – the problem of relation between geometry and natural sciences. Methodological basis of the analysis is the unity of formal logic and of rational dialectics. It is shown within the framework of this basis that geometry represents field of natural sciences. Definitions of the basic concepts "point", "line", "straight line", "surface", "plane surface", and “triangle” of the elementary (Euclidean) geometry are formulated. The natural-scientific proof of the parallel axiom (Euclid’s fifth postulate), classification of triangles on the basis of a qualitative (essential) sign, and also material interpretation of Euclid’s, Lobachevski’s, and Riemann’s geometries are proposed. http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/143

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The Rise of Collaborative Spirit in Science and the Fall of the "Iron Curtain" (by Huping Hu): Abstract: This issue marks the one year anniversary of the maiden voyage of Prespacetime Journal (“PSTJ”) as a vehicle for physicists, mathematicians and other learned scholars publish their research results and express their views on the origin, nature and mechanism of spacetime and its possible connection to a prespacetime. It is also a journal where all learned scholars can present their models and experimental results on elemental particles, fundamental forces including gravity and related topics. Here we briefly summarize the past and discuss the future of this journal and the publiser behind it. What we have witnessed so far through this journal is the rise of collaborative spirit in science. We urge all genuine truth seekers to work together and thus cause the fall of the “Iron Curtain.”

Black Hole Complementarity as a Condition on Pre and Post Selected String States (by Lawrence B. Crowell): Abstract: The holographic principle of black holes tells us the field theoretic information of strings on the event horizon is completely equivalent to field theoretic information in the spacetime one dimension larger outside. This physics is observed on a frame stationary with respect to the black hole. The question naturally arises: what physics is accessed by the observer falling through the event horizon on an inertial frame? This paper examines this and demonstrates a duality between the two perspectives. This question is important for the black hole small enough to exhibit fluctuations comparable to its scale. A sufficiently small quantum black hole will be composed of strings in a superposition of interior and exterior configurations or states. http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/139

Is Einstein Still Misunderstood? (by Amrit S. Sorli): Abstract: Constancy of the light velocity in different inertial systems and areas of space with different gravity implies that relativistic effects of relative velocity of material change start with massive particles. In Special Theory of Relativity and in General Theory of Relativity time t is a numerical order of material change i.e. motion in a 4D space. Time is not part of the space. Time is a numerical order of change that runs in space. http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/140

Plane Symmetric Universe with Wet Dark Fluid in General Relativity (by Shivdas D. Katore, A. Y. Shaikh, M. M. Sancheti, S. A. Bhaskar): Abstract: Plane Symmetric Universe filled with dark energy from a wet dark fluid has been considered. A new equation of state for dark energy component of the Universe has been used. It is modeled on the equation of state p=γ(ρ- ρ) which can describe a liquid, for example water. The exact solution to the corresponding field equations are obtained in quadrature form. The solution for constant deceleration parameter have been studied in detail for both power-law and exponential forms. The cases γ=1 and γ=0 have also been analyzed. http://prespacetime.com/index.php/pst/article/view/129

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The Nature of God: Part I (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: Using dialectic logic, not only the nature of the physical Universe but also the nature of God can be detected. God as “I am” is the highest, richest but simplest form of existence. So it represents the starting point of the whole being and the eternal process of self-consciousness. “I am” contains everything in its total unity. It needs no other explanation as it is evident for everyone and given in his “self-consciousness”. It is the starting point and the goal of the whole evolution in Nature. It is the apex of unity of being and the clearest manifestation of Occam´s razor, by explanation of the true nature of existence. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/89

The Nature of God: Part II (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: God perpetually impresses his unlimited intelligence into all levels of his Creation through his free Will. The more the effort the higher is his pleasure. Man is a product of his extreme effort. So Man is so dear for God as a victory of his Spirit and intelligence over matter. Evolution is the divine triumphal and joyful campaign to the highest level of spiritual power and freedom. Every higher step of evolution represents the overreach of lower level of freedom, power and consciousness. God supposes also our social road to higher levels of freedom, power and self-consciousness in order to achieve the divine Kingdom of Freedom and Spirit on the Earth. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/90

The Nature of God: Part III (by Peter Kohut): Abstract: Man must fully realize his true nature and optimistic perspectives being in front of him. Only the knowing of truth can make Man to be free and happy. The biggest lie is that the true essence of being is unreachable for our knowledge. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/91

Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research has just published Volume 3 Issue 4 entitled "Quantum Aspects of Consciousness" at http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/issue/view/23.

Table of Contents: http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/issue/view/23

Articles --------

Molecular Uniqueness of Major Depression: Biological Remarks and Theoretical Implications (by Massimo Cocchi, Lucio Tonello, Fabio Gabriellir)

On the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness: Sartre’s Contribution (by Rui Freire Lucas)

A Proposal for Memory Code (by Matti Pitkanen)

Quantum Model for the Direct Currents of Becker (by Matti Pitkanen)

Looking for the Physical, Logical, and Computational Roots of the Mind (by Paola Zizzi, Massimo Pregnolato)

Conference Report --------

The Explosion of Consciousness: TSC Conference Tucson Arizona 2012 (by John K. Grandy)

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Scientific GOD Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 4 entitled "Virtual Reality, Quantum Mind & Self-Reference" at http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/issue/view/22. We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit the journal website to review articles and items of interest. Thank you.

Table of Contents http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/issue/view/22


The World as a Virtual Reality (by James Kowall)

Quantum Mind in TGD Universe (by Matti Pitkanen)

About Language, Self Reference and Everything (by Matti Pitkanen)


Conflict Resolution Strategies: Lessons from Nature (by Mehran Banaei)

Evidence of God in Modern Physics (by Himangsu S. Pal)

Universe from Nothing (by Matti Pitkanen)

Mystery of Time (by Matti Pitkanen)

Scientific GOD Based on Reason, Revealed Knowledge & Spiritual/Mystical Experience (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: This issue marks the one year anniversary of the maiden voyage of Scientific GOD Journal as a vehicle for scientists, philosophers, theologians and other learned scholars to publish their research results, understandings and spiritual/mystical experiences of GOD in this Golden Age of Science. Here we briefly discuss the past, present and future of this journal and the organization behind it. It is hoped that in the coming years all truth seekers shall become clear in our eyes, resolute in our hearts and swift in our steps to search, reveal and experience scientific GOD. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/85

New Proofs for the Existence of God: Part I: The Sesamatic Proof (by Mohammed Muslim): Abstract: The eternal Imaginer must exist. Without eternity and imagination, nothing can come into being. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/86

Quantum Epiontic GOD: A ‘Mystical’ Metaphysics of Constrained Religious Relativism (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: It is quite clear that the new quantum perspective indicates that all sentient beings carry a small part of the infinite awareness-consciousness which lies within the heart of reality. This also means that, as John Wheeler in the twentieth century and Buddhist philosophers for at least the last two thousand years have suggested, sentient beings are the agents through which the epiontic ground of the process of reality creates the dualistic world of experience. Furthermore human beings, because of their greater sphere of free-will are primarily responsible for the fate and nature of the universe on all levels of manifestation. And, as Stapp, Wheeler, Zurek and others indicate, the intentions and perceptions of sentient beings have a universal impact upon the quantum ground, vanishingly tiny though it may be for any particular individual being. This impact of the intentionality and perceptual activities of sentient beings upon deep levels of the quantum Mindnature universe is such that, as Wheeler and others have clearly indicated, the actual fabric of the appearance of the material world is produced, over vast time scales, by the quantum epiontic mechanism. In fact it seems as if we live in an Epiontic Universe within which the perceptions and activities of all sentient beings determine how, within the limits of the available potentialities, the universe actually manifests. If this is true of the seemingly material realm it must also be true of the spiritual realm. This is indeed a remarkable upshot; an understanding of the epiontic quantum nature of the process of reality gives us a precise insight to the nature of the ‘constrained relativism’ of mystical religious ‘symbolic forms.’ It must be the case that the manifestation of the qualitative spiritual ground of reality will depend upon the ways in which the spiritual dimension of reality has been epiontically perceived by human beings over long time periods. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/87

Aether: The Physicalists' God (by Laurent R. Duchesne): Abstract: This is not a new theory but a new insight on already existing theories, a freshly synthesized interpretation consistent with already known and well accepted scientific facts. This essay contains parts of what I have realized after a lifelong quest for proof of wholeness in space and time as a fundamental property of the universe. For a complete treatment, readers are directed to my book listed in the reference (Duchesne, 2010). http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/88

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Quantum Mindnature Matrix: Mechanisms of Formative Causation of Evolution (by Graham P. Smetham): Abstract: The evidence which has been claimed for the formative causation hypothesis is controversial and is generally discounted by mainstream workers in the field. And, because the power of the dominance of the materialist worldview is still overwhelming the kind of evidence required in order to convince skeptics would have to be irresistible. This is because there seems to be a deeply ingrained antagonistic prejudice towards theories which threaten materialistic approaches to understanding the process of reality. The approach adopted within the quantum Mindnature perspective in challenging the mechanistic-materialist worldview begins from a significantly different point because it takes the quantum evidence as it is now as the ground for developing a metaphysical overview, an overview which precisely coheres with all significant current quantum perspectives.

As this work shows the breadth, scope and depth of the overarching and detailed metaphysical perspective is so dramatic that it is difficult to conceive of an alternative metaphysical perspective bringing together diverse areas of discourse together in such a detailed and precise manner. It was not anticipated at the outset, for instance, that the natural evolutionary development of the quantum Mindnature perspective itself would account for the process of evolution as well as otherwise unexplained phenomena within the field of evolutionary development. And one of the significant implications of this perspective is that something akin to formative causation must be operating at, and through, the quantum level. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/125

A Comparative Study of Equine and Elephant Mental Attributes Leading to an Acceptance of Their Subjectivity & Consciousness (by Marthe Kiley-Worthington): Abstract: A combination of both reviewed scientific knowledge (called the 3rd person approach) and knowledge gathered from philosophy of mind, critically assessed anecdotes & centuries of folk knowledge concerning the cognition of other mammals is termed Conditional Anthro-pomorphism. It is proposed as a rational method to begin to outline species subjectivity. Equines and elephants are used as examples. This précis includes a brief examination of mammalian similarities and species differences in bodies & behaviour, and how this affects their mental attitudes and knowledge of the world. Such an approach cultivates a greater understanding of another species subjectivity and consciousness, and can enrich our own. http://jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/126

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