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The Principle of Existence II: Genesis of Self-Referential Matrix Law, & the Ontology & Mathematics of Ether (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: In the beginning there was prespacetime (GOD) by itself e^0 =1 materially empty and spiritually restless. And it began to imagine through primordial self-referential spin 1=e^(i0)=e^(i0)e^(i0)=e^(iL-iL)e^(iM-iM)=e^(iL)e^(iM)e^(-iL)e^(-iM)=e^(-iL)e^(-iM)/e^(-iL)e^(-iM)=e^(iL)e^(iM)/e^(iL)e^(iM)…such that it created the self-referential Matrix Law, the external object to be observed and internal object as observed, separated them into external world and internal world, caused them to interact through said Matrix Law and thus gave birth to the Universe which it has since passionately loved, sustained and made to evolve. In short, this work is the continuation of our hypothesis of scientific genesis, sustenance & evolution of the Universe and all creations within (the principle of existence).

Why Natural Selection Cannot Explain Biological Evolution (by Stephen P. Smith): Abstract: The indifferent process of natural selection has been dubbed “the blind watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins. Arguments against natural selection are presented that relate to both ontology (reason-based) and epistemology (evidence-based), and the belief that the blind watchmaker drives evolution is revealed to be only a stipulation, at best. The belief is found coming from a metaphysical preference towards naturalism. A new account of evolution is presented that does not hold naturalism as a preference, and permits teleological (or guided) evolution and vitalism. This new account departs from the hidden agenda of naturalism, and fully discloses its preference towards self-evidence in its pursuit of truth.

Holy War against Science: Natural Evolution versus Intelligent Design (by Chris King): Abstract: Far from being random mutation, evolution, is the most rapid generator of complex form in the universe because it is a massively parallel quantum molecular computer based on parallel nucleic acid replication. It can't be reasonably compared to any naive probability process based on random processes, because the extreme degree of parallel exploration of the space of possibilities makes genetic algorithms the most efficient computational process in the universe. For all its elegant structure, and even consciousness, even super-intelligent design is cumbersome, clunky and completely unsuited to generate new life forms.

If God Created Universe, Who Created GOD? (by Himangsu S. Pal): Abstract: Earlier it was impossible for us to give any satisfactory answer to this question. But modern science, rather we should say that Einstein has made it an easy task for us. And Stephen Hawking has provided us with the clue necessary for solving this riddle. Actually scientists in their infinite wisdom have already kept the ground well-prepared for us believers so that one day we can give a most plausible and logically sound answer to this age-old question.

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