Problems in Particle Physics & Bianchi Type-III Cosmological Model: Part 1 from Administrator's blog

On a Natural Solution for the Hierarchy Problem Using Dimensional Regularization (by Ervin Goldfain): Abstract: This brief report suggests a straightforward solution for the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model using dimensional regularization of quantum field theory (QFT). Our viewpoint breaks away from traditional approaches to the hierarchy problem based on supersymmetry (SUSY), Technicolor, extra-dimensions, anthropic arguments, fine-tuning or gauge unification near the Planck scale.

Nonlinear Theory of Elementary Particles Part VII: Classical Nonlinear Electron Theories and Their Connection with QED (by Alexander G. Kyriakos): Abstract: In this article of nonlinear theory of elementary particles (NTEP) a review of the nonlinear field theories in the framework of classical electrodynamics is presented. It is shown that the results found within these theories can be transferred to quantum theory. These results can also help us to understand many aspects of the quantum description of elementary particles. In particular, they explain why electron can be interpreted as a point and non-point particle simultaneously.

Koide’s Formula Follows from Nonlinear Dynamics of Quantum Fields (by Ervin Goldfain): Abstract: In this brief report we argue that Koide’s formula arises from universal attributes of nonlinear dynamics in field theory. Feigenbaum scaling not only provides a natural paradigm for generating particle masses and coupling charges, but also a basis for understanding the family structure of fermions.

Bianchi Type-III Cosmological Model with Negative Constant Deceleration Parameter with Wet Dark Fluid in Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation (by Kishor S. Adhav, A. S. Nimkar, M. R. Ugale, R. S. Thakare): Abstract: Bianchi type-III space time is considered in the presence of wet dark fluid source in the scalar-tensor theory of gravitation proposed by Brans and Dicke (Phys. Rev. 124:925, 1961). With the help of special law of variation for Hubble’s parameter proposed by Bermann (Nuovo Cimento 74B:182, 1983) a cosmological model with negative constant deceleration parameter is obtained in the presence of wet dark fluid with disordered radiation. Some physical and kinematical properties of the model are also discussed.

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