The Mindnature of Mathematics & Experience of Unity at the Origin of Everything: Part 2 from Administrator's blog

Time: A Dimension of Consciousness or of Actual Reality? (by Kurt Dressler): Abstract: Many experiences suggest that it might be best to think of time not as of an objectively existing dimension of reality but as of the limited way in which our normal waking state of consciousness can perceive the overwhelming whole of true reality in its timeless 'all presence'. (1) Direct experiences of unification with all encompassing presence (in altered states), (2) time reversals (effect preceding cause) observed in parapsychology, (3) time transcending features of quantum effects (time-reversed waves, temporal holism): these and other experiences suggest that a holistic, non-local timeless 'background' may lie hidden behind outer reality.

Finding God in the Universe (by Robert H. Kettell): Abstract: Maybe the solution lies with our consciousness. It seemed that while consciousness must be based on the brain’s functions, it might hold the possibility of communicating beyond our brain and body. If this is the case our consciousness may be the link to God I was seeking.

How to Prove that There Is a God, God Is Real & the Universe Needs a God (by Himangsu S. Pal): Abstract: Previously, I have not examined as to whether there can be any alternative explanation for the properties of light other than God. In this essay, I will do that by showing that the only explanation that can be there for the properties of light is that there is a God. I will also show that God is real, the Universe needs a God and why the Total Energy of the Universe Is Zero.

Reality Out of Total Simultaneity (by Wilhelmus de Wilde): Abstract: In this essay, I put forward the hypothesis of Total Simultaneity (“TS”), a “fifth” dimension behind the Wall of Planck reality at which we pass the limits of causality at the quantum scale and “Now” as we perceive no longer exists. TS can be reached by every point of our 4 dimensional universe and singularities only exist in our consciousness. The other limit of causality is the local speed of light c at which time stands still so there is no more before and after. All information of all parallel universes and multiversity constitution in TS is simultaneously present and available, our consciousness is able to align points out of the TS and so create the observable analogue universe that we are aware of. The totality of information from other universes (also partly observable by other consciousness) is influencing our linear causal deterministic universe, the origin of gravity, dark matter, and the dark energy may emerge from here. The Big Bang is an imaginary non-existing point in the TS area. Inflation is avoided by projecting inflation time into the area after the Wall of Planck, uniformity in the structure of space-time is also guaranteed. Our mind with its 100 billion neurons is able to cope with infinities because it has parallels with the qualities of TS.

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