New Nonlocal Biological Effect Produced through Quantum Entanglement from Administrator's blog

The research team of QuantumDream, Inc. has released a new preprint on their findings of new nonlocal biological effect produced through quantum entanglement. See (or here

This new paper will be published by NeuroQuantology. See: .

The abstract reads:

We report here our experimental findings of new nonlocal biological effect measured objectively and quantitatively under blind conditions. The method used includes the steps of providing two parts of quantum-entangled medium, applying one part to a biological system such as a human, contacting the other part with a desired substance such as a medication, and detecting change of a biological parameter with a detecting device. Using this method, we have found that after consumption by a test subject of one part of the quantum entangled water, the subject’s heart rate was non-locally increased under blind conditions by adding to the second part of the quantum-entangled water an over-the-counter medication Primatene which contains the heart stimulant ephedrine. The said increase of heart rate is measurable with a heart rate monitor, statistically significant and consistently reproducible.

QuantumDream, Inc.

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