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Has CERN Found the God Particle? A Calculation [in 2011] (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: Following the CERN announcement on December 13, 2011, physicists have been giving some very different assessments of the chances that the ATLAS and CMS detectors have seen the Higgs boson. Combining the three things I will consider, I get an overall probability for such a strong signal if there is no Higgs to be about 1 in 30. Perhaps I have failed to account for combinations where more than one of these effects could combine. That requires further coincidences but lets just call the overall result 1 in twenty. In other words, everything considered I take the observed result to be a two sigma effect. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/148

If the LHC Particle Is Real, What Is One of the Other Possibilities than the Higgs Boson? (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: In the prespacetime model, an unspinized particle governed by a matrix law is the precursor of all spinized particles and thus steps into the shoes played by the Higgs particle. We speculate here that what has been found at the LHC, if real, is plausibly the unspinized particle of the prespacetime model. The wave function of a fermion or boson is respectively a bispinor or bi-vector but that of the unspinized particle is two-component complex scalar field. Thus, it may have different behavior than that of either the boson or fermion which may be detectable at LHC. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/153

什么是科学主? What Is Scientific GOD? (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: 科学主是关于主的科学及主的新科学启示. 它是科学技术时代追求真理和统一的新道路. 科学主从科学角度支持所有传统宗教的大部份精神,神秘和唯心教导. Scientific GOD is about the scientific aspect of GOD and Its new scientific revelations. It is a new pathway to truth and unity in the age of science and technology. Scientific GOD provides scientific bases for many spiritual, mystical and metaphysical teachings of all traditional religions. http://scigod.com/index.php/sgj/article/view/154

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