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On Calculation of Elementary Particles’ Masses (by Alexander G. Kyriakos): In a previous paper we showed that the existence of the size of the electron does not contradict the quantum field theory. This allows us to consider the electron and other particles as an electromagnetic volume resonator, capable of holding electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. We assume that the reason of appearance of the mass spectra of elementary particles is the addition of nonlinear electromagnetic waves to this resonator. As it is known the solution of Schrödinger equation for electron in a potential well of final depth there has a limited number of own levels of energy. We assume that this limitation exists for the masses of some families of particles, e.g., for the family of leptons, which has only three generations.

The Non-linear Theory as String Theory of Compton Wavelength Scale (by Alexander G. Kyriakos): The theory of strings has many interesting and important potentialities, but it cannot be verified because of smallness of the Planckian length scale. Below we will show that the nonlinear theory of elementary particles (NTEP) can be considered as a string theory, just like modern string theory, but in Compton’s wavelength scale. In this case, the mathematical abstractions of the last theory, such as space with a number of dimensions greater than 4, supersymmetric particles and other things that were not found by experiment, are not required in a real theory. However, the possibility of constructing a relativistic theory of gravity in string theory must not be rejected and can be considered in the future theory.

An Alternative to the Quantum Leap Paradigm (by Paul A. Kannapell): The primary purpose of this paper is to offer one alternative to the familiar quantum leap model. The key question is this: Is a sequence of different identical particles appearing and vanishing indistinguishable from one particle moving discontinuously?

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