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Two-Fluid Cosmological Models in Bianchi Type-V Space-Time in Higher Dimensions (by Vijay Gulabrao Mete, V. M. Umarkar, A. M. Pund): Anisotropic, homogeneous two-fluid cosmological models using Bianchi type-V space-time have been presented. In the two-fluid models, one fluid represents the matter content of the universe and another fluid is chosen to model the CMB radiation. The radiation and matter content of the universe are in interactive phase. The behaviour of fluid parameters and kinematical parameters are also discussed.

Dynamics of Bianchi Type-III Universe with Magnetized Anisotropic Dark Energy (by Shivdas D Katore, A. Y. Shaikh, N. K. Sarkate, G. B. Tayade): Bianchi type -III cosmological model in the presence of magnetized anisotropic dark energy is investigated. The energy-momentum tensor consists of anisotropic fluid with anisotropic EoS p = ωρ and a uniform magnetic field of energy density ρB.We obtain exact solutions to the field equations using the condition that expansion is proportional to the shear scalar . The physical behavior of the model is discussed with and without magnetic field. We conclude that universe model as well as anisotropic fluid does not approach isotropy through the evolution of the universe.

Higgs [Status in Feb.] 2012 (by Philip E. Gibbs): 2011 lived up to all expectations and hopes for news about the Higgs Boson, but 2012 promises to be it’s crunch year and the excitement is about to begin.

Superluminal Particle Sequences (by Paul A. Kannapell): Some particles may appear to accelerate to faster than light speeds according to the particle sequence alternative to discontinuous motion.

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