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Scientific Genesis in the Making: Higgs Discovery & the Shadow of God Particle (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): This issue of Scientific God Journal celebrates the discovery of Higgs Boson (or Higgs-like particle). Congratulations to CERN, Fermilab, people at LHC, people at Tevatron and all the theoretical and experimental physicists who made this discovery possible over the last 50 years! In the meantime, let us all contemplate what this discovery means and what it has to do with scientific studies of God and be cautious about the new discovery since there are still unsettling issues. After introductions of articles in this issue, we shall focus our attentions on some of the phobic, allergic or even hostile but important issues related to the new discovery. The topics covered includes: Antidote to 20th Century phobia; “higgson” as the name of the new particle; quantum gravity & table top experiments; higgson as the shadow of universal consciousness; and the 2012 phenomena & Dawn of a Brave New World. This Editorial ends with a “mathematical” poem entitled “The Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up."

Live Higgs Report on July 4, 2012 & Congratulations - It's a Boson (by Philip E. Gibbs): This is a live Higgs report from the webcast of CERN Announcement on July 4, 2012 plus viXra unofficial Higgs combinations and my analysis after the announcement. As expected, CERN has happily announced the arrival of a new Boson. The facts are that the boson discovered with a mass of about 125 GeV or 126 GeV interacts with a wide range of particles in exactly the way the Higgs boson should. Its decay modes to Z, W, b and tau have just the right ratios and its production has also been tested in different ways confirming indirectly that its coupling to the top quark is also about right. Its spin could be 0 or 2 but 0 is much more likely. All these features point to the standard model Higgs boson. The only fly in the ointment is its decay rate to two photons. This is nearly twice as large as expected. The significance of the discrepancy with the standard model is about 2.5 sigma.

The Physical Universe as a Divine Quantum Information Structure (by Peter Kohut): The information essence of the Universe dominates over its physical aspect. Its dynamic hierarchic information structure is a manifestation of a divine Mind with its Idea (Intelligence), so the Universe is rational and comprehensible for us. Our individual consciousness as a part of universal consciousness of God deals with information carried by energy. Only consciousness can give the real sense to information coming to us from the objective world through energy supporters. Divine universal as well as our individual consciousness (subject) create the internal side of the Universe reflecting its external side (object) represented by structured quantum energy as a holder of divine information structure and architecture. Information encodes the creative power of consciousness. The physical Universe (non-living and living Nature) with its unbelievably rich information contents is a true food for our senses and our mind in the process of our conscious cognition and creativity.

Bhrgu: The God of God Particle (by Pinaki Ganguly): It is suggested that there exists a conceptual proximity of Rishi Bhrgu with Higgs boson. It also brings Higgs field and gravity within its fold. One has to marvel at the intuitive powers of the human mind, and the Vedic Rishis are the finest example of that. This is a queue that Nature has given us and missing it will cast us in darkness. Thus it is said that, Bhrgu is the “God” of “God Particle”!

SGJ 3(6) Published: Higgs Discovery, Shadow of God Particle, Key to Happiness & Ancient Wisdom Scientific GOD Journal has just published Volume 3 Issue 6 entitled "Higgs Discovery, Shadow of God Particle, Key to Happiness & Ancient Wisdom" at :


Scientific Genesis in the Making: Higgs Discovery & the Shadow of God Particle (Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu)

Higgs Reports

Live Higgs Report on July 4, 2012 & Congratulations - It's a Boson (by Philip E. Gibbs)

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The Higgs Boson and the Power of Consistency (by Philip E. Gibbs)

Is It Really Higgs? (by Matti Pitkanen)

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The Key to Happiness in Existence (by Steven E. Kaufman)

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Age: An Archaic Renaissance (by Iona Miller, Paul Wildman)

The Esoteric Thesis: Unspeakable Things & Unknowable Truths (by Paul Wildman)


The Weak Force as Manifestation of Anima Mundi: An Exploration (by Iona Miller)

According to CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research, "[o]ur understanding of the Universe is about to change..." by the Large Hadron Collider. This is certainly true.

The key to this change is whether LHC will discover the Higgs Boson of the Standard Model or any Higgs Boson. According to Dr. Philip E. Gibbs who has done tremendous work to keep both the scientific community and general public informed, "Higgs boson hints are still alive. What is particularly interesting now is the bump at 140 GeV. Some people said that this excess came mostly from the WW channel, yet when the WW channel is removed the bump is still there with nearly 2-sigma significance. The two bumps peaking at 118 GeV and 128 GeV are also the right size for a Higgs signal but error bands are still too big. Any of these bumps could be statistical fluctuations but it is very unlikely that they all are. With current data available in the high-resolution channels it is not yet possible to draw robust conclusions, but I think I have demonstrated that this will be the best way to find the Higgs with future data. I hope the experimenters will take note and produce similar plots from the official data. Updated results with 2.5/fb could appear within weeks and we will see where the three candidate bumps are heading."

The absence of Higgs Boson will have dramatic effect on our understanding of the Universe. In that case, we have to rebuild our models of particle physics from scratch.

It should be pointed out here that Higgs boson was dubbed as the “God Particle” by Leon Lederman and hyped as such by the media. To many of us, Higgs boson should not be called the “God Particle. The genuine “God particle” should have at least the following explanatory powers:

a) Explanation of the creations of bosons and fermions; b) Explanation of gravitatonal force; c) Explanation of the strong force; d) Explanation of the weak force; e) Explanation of the electromagnetic force; f) Explanation of the origin of the Universe; g) Explanation of or relation to Consciousness; and h) Etc.

We are in the super-connected Age of Internet and technological wonders made possible through science. There is no doubt that we are also at the dawn of a brave New World in particle physics and science overall. Every genuine truth seeker should seize this moment. What we have witnessed so far is the rise of collaborative spirit in physics. We urge all genuine truth seekers to work together to make the brave New World a reality.

Huping & Maoxin

September 22, 2011

Huping Hu · Sep 22 '11 · Tags: lhc, higgs boson, god particle