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The Higgs Boson and the Power of Consistency (by Philip E. Gibbs): The momentous discovery of the Higgs boson announced on July 4, 2012 by CERN brought tremendous excitements both in the physics communities and general public. As the dust settles, we can start to ask some questions. In this Higgs essay, we discuss the central element of the story which is often forgotten in the noise of celebration and the outlook of research in particle physics.

Is It Really Higgs? (by Matti Pitkanen): The discovery of a new spinless particle at LHC has dominated the discussions in physics blogs during last weeks. Quite many bloggers identify without hesitation the new particle as the long sought for Higgs although some aspects of data do not encourage the interpretation as standard model Higgs or possibly its SUSY variant. Maybe the reason is that it is rather imagine any other interpretation. In this article the TGD based interpretation as a pion-like state of scaled up variant of hadron physics is discussed explaining also why Higgs is not needed and why it cannot even perform the tasks posed for it in TGD framework. Essentially one assumption, the separate conservation of quark and lepton numbers realized in terms of 8-D chiral invariance, excludes Higgs like states as also standard N 1 SUSY. This identification could explain the failure to find the decays to $\tau$ pairs and also the excess of two-gamma decays. The decays gauge boson pairs would be caused by the coupling of pion-like state to instanton density for electro-weak gauge fields. Also a connection with the dark matter researches reporting signal at 130 GeV and possibly also at 110 GeV suggests itself: maybe also these signals also correspond to pion-like states.

Vita Principalis: Road to Single Mathematical Particle (by Dainis Zeps): Three weeks after announcement of discovery of Higgs particle at LHC we discuss this discovery from the point of view presented previously in (1) in the form of predictions, and from what we had argued before in (2-5). We argue that behind Standard Model there might be another level of discernible reality which we call reference of life (4). We show how we can connect it with the vision in the general sense and vita principalis and how it could be connected with what we discover as mathematics (3). We argue that mathematics is a form of creatio ex nihilo but only in its weak form where the proper agent is the vision or vita principalis.

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