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The vicious cycle of violence in the Middle East produces unbearable pains, sufferings and deaths to the people in the region and helplessness and despair for the peace loving people in the rest of the World.

Yet, we must have hope in a hopeless situation and try to help even if we feel helpless. So, let us pray GOD for peace in the Middle-East and urge our respective governments to broker said peace - for, GOD willing, peace is attainable even if it appears impossible.

The first installment of Scientific GOD Journal Volume 2 Issue 8 is released on this special occasion of millions of Muslims starting annual Hajj and soon celebrating Eid al-Adha. Remaining articles are to appear within the month of November, 2011. It is entitled "Hajj & Eid al-Adha 2011: Purity, Equality, Peace & Awareness of the Ultimate Reality of Allah" and below is a brief description of its content.

In his Guest Editorial "A Rational Guide to the Awareness of the Ultimate Reality of Allah", Nadeem Haque examines the method by which one can expand one’s consciousness – a way by which one advances and creates that much sought after inner peace. he analyzes four distinct, yet interrelated stages in an evolution of a human being’s understanding of his/her self and his/her place the universe. He further looks into the key ingredients that lead to self-actualized peace, through a unique method of the expansion of human consciousness, which he term: AURA.

In his Article entitled "Prophet Abraham and the Causal Loop", Nadeem Haque discusses causal loop (FPCL) which is a concept that is both fascinating and complex. He indicates that although here "we can only scratch the surface of it. However, it shows us that our understanding of space and time and the human mind will continue to advance, where more light will be shed, if only we were to think logically and objectively."

In his Article entitled "Concise Proofs of God & Consciousness", Zeshan Shahbaz states: "In this article, we shall provide concise proofs of God and Consciousness. It is logically concluded that for any thing to 'be' is preceded by its cause. It is further concluded that there is one, limitless, eternal, incomparable, conscious Mover to the universe."

Huping Hu

November 5, 2011