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Grand Design, Intelligent Designer, or Simply GOD: Stephen Hawking and His “Hoax” (by Victor Christianto): Abstract: Stephen Hawking only wish to have his words heard, regardless whether there are sufficient proof. According to Black Hole proponents, there should be Black Hole inside the galaxy center of our Milky Way. But despite there is very large mass inside the Milky Way center, its center remains bright that is enough disproof for all hypotheses of Black Hole by Stephen Hawking.

Krauss Misunderstands Energy in General Relativity to Argue against GOD (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: Stephen Hawking has a new book “Grand Design” out that claims God did not create the universe & Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss writing in the Wall Street Journal says that Hawking does not go far enough, but his argument is based on a misunderstanding of energy in general relativity. I'll explain why.

GOD & Hawking (by Matti Pitkanen): Abstract: For reasons stated below, I do not find the classical physics view about God selecting initial conditions very interesting. Hawking should find himself more demanding challenges than killing for all practical purposes already dead God of classical mechanics.

Song to Immanence & Transcendence (by Huping Hu): Abstract: This poem/lyrics is an expansion and adaptation of Rumi’s poem Universality. It represents the author’s hope for his fellow creatures’ transformation to arrive, in various degrees, at various aspects of the Immanence and Transcendence of Scientific GOD.

In a Nutshell (by Vaughn Balding): Abstract: It is my assertion that when we are accessing the past, when we remember an event from the past, our brain uses the quantum field to visit the actual event and likewise when we experience thoughts and ideas, conscience and inspiration, intuition and synchronicity, we are accessing actual events in our pasts and futures. Our brain is a wonderful transmitter and receiver of information, an interface with the quantum field. It is not a closed repository of stored information.

Another Look at Physics: It's a Dynamic Universe (by Diosdado F. Fragata): Abstract: The different disciplines of Physics were based on principles which, if not taken into consideration, result in apparent conflicts and misinterpretations. A careful analysis of these underlying principles however would provide us a deeper understanding of the basic postulates that must be adopted in order to lay down the ground works towards unification. Symmetry, which is an inherent characteristic of nature, plays a very important role in the development of a cosmology that need not disagree but rather augment the present Physics. While many Physicist cringe at the mention of GOD, the theory of creation is extremely necessary if we must have a logical beginning of existence. Adopting creation as the starting point however need not disregard the Big Bang theory as this provides the mechanism to complete the entire of universal generation.

How This Place Works (by Clifford White): Abstract: Our mind occupies a mixture of phase space. So, What's on your mind depends on which level of phase space your consciousness is oriented towards. This mind is not your consciousness since Consciousness goes to sleep but mind is always one phase space or another. What our consciousness does or has the ability to do is to choose which phase space the mind will be oriented towards.

The Templix of GNOS (by Yale S. Landsberg): Abstract: In this essay I describe the generalities and many specifics of something I refer to as “The Templix” (Template Matrix), along with something else very basic to it that I call the “T-Ching”. The T-Ching brings together Eastern and Western notations and notions of iterative Change, whereas, The Templix simultaneously differentiates and integrates them. Both emerge via seeing the concept of Change as a matter of energetically and recursively, logically going deeper and deeper into basic concepts in order to cognitively come to higher and higher world views of them. The results of this very old, and occasionally disorienting process of thought, one which does not guarantee progress, is that asking dumb questions can be seen to occasionally produce provocative answers to basic questions related to cognitive science, quantum mechanics and computer science, and other sciences – as well as clearly explain enigmatic statements and claims within a wide spectrum of religious and philosophical literature. By the end of my essay, a way of revealing the nature of “God and Nature's Operating System” has emerged for consideration. As well as a proposed “circumstantial morality” that may be guarding and guiding all of reality: a universal ethos that is not satisfactory to anyone, but a schema for categorizing musts and must nots, shoulds and should nots that is a lot better than nothing – in the paradigm-changing way that a semi-conductor material was, and is and ever will be a poor medium for resistors, capacitors and inductors, and yet is always and in all ways an excellent “God Send” compromise for all of them.

GOD, Scientists & the Void (by Himangsu S. Pal): Abstract: This is a collection of my short essays dealing with the issues of existence of GOD, circular reasoning, the void & myth about creation from nothing.