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Universe from Nothing (by Matti Pitkanen): The book "Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss has stimulated a lot of aggressive debate between philosophers and physicists and gained mediate attention. The basic criticism of philosophers is directed to the identification of "nothing" as vacuum state and it is easy to agree with the criticism. In this essay the purpose is not to consider this issue but go one level deeper and ask what existence could mean - an issue not often discussed in physics circles dominated by materialistic philosophy. Click Here.

The World as a Virtual Reality (by James Kowall): This essay summarizes a scientific description of the world as a virtual reality that arises holographically from the true spiritual nature of consciousness. This description is based on the natural interpretation of the holographic principle of quantum gravity, which is the most fundamental scientific principle that unifies relativity theory with quantum theory. Click Here.

Conflict Resolution Strategies: Lessons from Nature (by Mehran Banaei): In a series of articles, the author tries to impress the reader with nature’s superiority, beyond biomimicry and her advanced technological supremacy. He argues that we can equally learn a lot from nature in the area of sociopolitical dynamics. He attempts to stimulate the reader to ponder whether the amazing nature is a product of aimless chance or superb intelligence. Click Here.