December 21, 2012 Countdown - Day 1: Sciurch of Scientific GOD Publications from Administrator's blog

Sciurch of Scientific GOD

Sciurch of Scientific GOD is not a religious temple or a materialists' classroom. It is a new pathway to truth and unity in the age of science and technology.

In 2011 Sciurch began to collect source/teaching materials, and, on December 21, 2011, compiled the following five issues of Sciurch (more compilations shall follow):

Sciurch Volume 1 Issue 1: 易经 Yi Jing (I Ching)

Author: Unknown

易经 Yi Jing (I Ching), also known as the Classic of Changes, is a Chinese classic texts. It is a ancient divination system which is still widely used today.

Sciurch 1(1): 易经 Yi Jing (I Ching)

道德經 Dao De Jing

Author: 老子 Laozi

道德經 Dao De Jing was said to be written around the 6th century BC by Laozi. The text is the philosophy of Daoism and other schools such as Legalism and neo-Confucianism. It is also essential in Chinese religions such as religious Daoism and Chinese Buddhism.

Sciurch V1(2): 道德經 Dao De Jing

論語 Lun Yu (Analects)

Author/Source: 孔夫子 Kong Fuzi (Confucius)

論語 Lun Yu (Analects of Confucius) is attributed as the words and acts of 孔夫子 Kong Fuzi (Confucius) and his disciples including the discussions they held. It was written around 500 BC and is the essence of Confucianism which has influenced Chinese and Asia for over two thousand years.

Sciurch V1(3): 論語 Lun Yu (Analects)

Scientific GOD Revealed: The Principle of Existence

I’ve dreamed a quantum dream in which I became one with the Almighty: IT revealed to me that IT alone is the Architect, Creator of all that exists; IT creates, sustains all things by ITS imagination, the spin of ITS mind, body; IT causes evolutions of the same by ITS mighty will, love of ITS creations; GOD’s scientific Truth is ready to march on.

Glory to Scientific GOD; Victory to Scientific GOD; GOD’s scientific Truth is ready to march on

Sciurch V1(4): Scientific GOD Revealed

The Chinese Dream of the 21st Century

In the spirit of ancient Chinese wisdom and the collective spirits of Chinese sages and pioneers, Laozi, Kong Fuzi, Sun Zhongshan, Mao Zedong & Deng Xiaoping among others, we call all Chinese worldwide to rise up in the pursuit of the Chinese Dream of the 21st Century – benevolence, civic duty, equality, liberty and pursuit of happiness under Scientific GOD. We note here that some aspects of these sacred pursuits might been hindered by our particular history, modern atheism and materialism. Thus, a new enlightenement of all Chinese is the key to accomplish these sacred pursuits and transform Chinese societies. By enlightening and transcending ourselves, we shall transform atheism and materialism to scientific spirituality, curruption to righteousness, injustice to justice, inequality to equality and restriction to liberty. GOD Bless Chinese People! May we all finally arrive at the “Gate of Heavenly Peace and Justice” and start building GOD’s Paradise on Earth. So, let July 4th Movement begin!

Sciurch V1(5): The Chinese Dream of the 21st Century

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