Confucian Analects Book XIV Part 4 (孔夫子論語:憲問第十四 第四部份) from Administrator's blog

Author: Confucius (孔夫子); translated by James Legge

The Master said, When those above love courtesy, the people are easy to lead.



41. 子路宿於石門。晨門曰:「奚自?」子路曰:「自孔氏。」曰:「是知其不可而為之 者與?」

Tzu-lu spent a night at Shih-men. The gate-keeper asked him, Whence comest thou? From Confucius, answered Tzu-lu. The man that knows it is no good and yet must still be doing? said the gate-keeper.

42. 子擊磬於衛。有荷蕢而過孔氏之門者,曰:「有心哉,擊磬乎!」既而曰:「鄙哉, 硜硜乎!莫己知也,斯已而已矣!『深則厲,淺則揭。』」子曰:「果哉!末之難矣!」

When the Master was chiming his sounding stones in Wei, a basket-bearer said, as he passed the door, The heart is full that chimes those stones! But then he said, For shame! What a tinkling sound! If no one knows thee, have done! Wade the deep places, Lift thy robe through the shallows! The Master said, Where there's a will, that is nowise hard.

43. 子張曰:「書云:『高宗諒陰,三年不言』何謂也?」子曰:「何必高宗?古之人 皆然。君薨,百官總已以聽於冢宰三年。」

Tzu-chang said, What does the Book mean by saying that Kao-tsung in his mourning shed did not speak for three years? Why pick out Kao-tsung? said the Master. The men of old were all thus. For three years after their lord had died, the hundred officers did each his duty and hearkened to the chief minister.

44. 子曰:「上好禮,則民易使也。」

The Master said, When those above love courtesy, the people are easy to lead.

45. 子路問「君子」。子曰:「修己以敬。」曰:「如斯而已乎?」曰:「修己以安人。 」曰:「如斯而已乎?」曰:「修己以安百姓。修己以安百姓,堯舜其猶病諸。」

Tzu-lu asked, What makes a gentleman? The Master said, To be bent on becoming better. Is that all? said Tzu-lu. By becoming better to bring peace to men. And is that all? By becoming better to bring peace to all men, said the Master. Even Yao and Shun were still struggling to become better, and so bring peace to all men.

46. 原壤夷俟。子曰:「幼而不孫弟,長而無述焉,老而不死是為賊。」以杖叩其脛。

Yüan Jang awaited the Master squatting. Unruly when young, unmentioned as man, undying when old, spells good-for-nothing! said the Master, and he hit him on the leg with his staff.

47. 闕黨,童子將命。或問之曰:「益者與?」子曰:「吾見其居於位也,見其與先生並 行也;非求益者也,欲速成者也。」

When a lad from the village of Ch'üeh was made messenger, someone asked, saying, Is it because he is doing well? The Master said, I have seen him sitting in a man's seat, and seen him walking abreast of his elders. He does not try to do well: he wishes to be quickly grown up.

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