Alternative Approaches in Modern Physics: Part 1 from Administrator's blog

3x3 Unitary to Magic Matrix Transformations (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: We prove that any 3x3 unitary matrix can be transformed to a magic matrix by multiplying its rows and columns by phase factors. A magic matrix is defined as one for which the sum of the elements in any row or column add to the same value. This result is relevant to recent observations on particle mixing matrices.

Nonlinear Theory of Elementary Particles: II. Photon Theory (by: Alexander G. Kyriakos): Abstract: In this article the photon theory is examined from the point of view of the nonlinear theory of elementary particles (Kyriakos, 2010).

Block Universe – According to the Formalism d = v x t Space-time Is Timeless (by Amrit S. Sorli, Davide Fiscaletti, Dusan Klinar): Abstract: According to the formalism d=v*t fourth dimension of space-time is spatial too. In formula X4=i*c*t symbol t represents numerical order of material change i.e. motion running in a space. Flow of time is flow of numerical order of material change that we measure with clocks. Fundamental unit of numerical order t0, t1, of material change is a Planck time tp. Numerical order of material change tn-1 is “before” numerical order of material change tn equivalently as natural number n-1 is “before” natural number n. Flow of physical time is a flow of numerical order t0, t1, of material change and runs in a timeless 4D space.

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: A Critical Survey (by Michele Caponigro): Abstract: This brief survey analyzes the epistemological implications about the role of observer in the interpretations of Quantum Mechanics. As we know, the goal of most interpretations of quantum mechanics is to avoid the apparent intrusion of the observer into the measurement process. In the same time, there are implicit and hidden assumptions about his role. In fact, most interpretations taking as ontic level one of these fundamental concepts as information, physical law and matter bring us to new problematical questions. We think, that no interpretation of the quantum theory can avoid this intrusion until we do not clarify the nature of observer.

Relativistic Effects of Relative Velocity of Material Change Start with Massive Particles (by Amrit S. Sorli): Abstract: Constancy of the light velocity in different inertial systems and areas of space with different gravity implies that relativistic effects of relative velocity of material change start with massive particles.

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