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Exciting New Era of Particle Physics (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: I don’t think there has ever been a moment quite like this in physics before. Within the next few months, weeks or even days we will learn something new about the universe that will change our thinking forever. I don’t mean something like a little CP asymmetry or a new observation of neutrino physics. These things are great but they just pose questions that we cannot answer yet. What we are about to learn is going to generate so many new ideas in physics that the arXiv will run out of four digit numbers so that people have to start posting their papers in viXra. Am I exaggerating? Let us see take a look.

The Dawn of a Brave New World in Particle Physics (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: This issue of Prespacetime Journal celebrates the great success of LHC and Tevatron through a series of Special Reports written by Philip Gibbs, several Editorials and other regular pieces. All people associated with LHC and Tevatron deserve our special thanks. We are in the super-connected Age of Internet and technological wonders made possible through science. There is no doubt that we are also at the dawn of a brave New World in particle physics and science overall. Every genuine truth seeker should seize this moment. Here we briefly discuss: (1) the great unknown in light of the great success of LHC and Tevatron, (2) Higgsless models published in this journal; and (3) the search for the genuine “God Particle.” What we have witnessed so far is the rise of collaborative spirit in physics. We urge all genuine truth seekers to work together to make the brave New World a reality. We conclude with a poem “A Praise to Prespacetime.”

Physics in a Higgsless World (by Lawrence B. Crowell): Abstract: The ATLAS and CMS data is giving a 2-σ exclusion on the light Higgs fields in the 110 -140GeV energy scale. This is a 95% probability of no signal from the Higgs field. The data so far is lack luster for those who promote Higgsian theories, but we are at about 1/1000 the total data expected, so there are lot more to come. In light of the foregoing, the author discusses here Higgsless alternatives. Clearly the time we live in currently is interesting, and we may be in a time where our understanding of the foundations of physics might radically change. The one advantage of living in a time where a lot of physical theory is falsified is that it clears the way for different modes of thought.

The Aftermath of Europhysics 2011 (by Matti Pitkänen): Abstract: In this Guest Editorial, some alternative visions about the physics after Europhysics 2011 are discussed.

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