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Vol 2, No 1 (2011): Scientific GOD Based on Reason, Revealed Knowledge & Spiritual/Mystical Experiences

New Proofs for the Existence of God: Part I, Quantum Epiontic GOD, Aether: The Physicalists' God, Nature of GOD: Part I, II & III, Reviews of Books on Christian Mystics, Cosmic Jackpot, Intelligent Design, the Emergence of Everything, & Beyond the Bleep

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Vol 2, No 2 (2011): Various Proofs of the Existence of GOD & The Nature of Physical Universe

New Proofs for the Existence of God (Part II & III), the Nature of the Physical Universe, Quantum Entanglement, Its Nature and Manifestations,  the Basic Space-Time Equation of the Universe, Basic Cosmic Characteristics, Crisis of Knowledge at the Beginning of the 21st Century, & Something versus Nothing

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Vol 2, No 3 (2011): New Internationale (Internationale 2012)

We Have a Dream: A Call to All Men and Women of Science and Religion to Rise Up, Unified Reality Theory in a Nutshell, Unified Reality Theory: Relational-Matrix Model & New Internationale (Internationale 2012)

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Vol 2, No 4 (2011): The Mindnature of Mathematics & Experience of Unity at the Origin of Everything

Mindnature: Origin of Physicality & Mathematics, The Experience of Unity at the Origin of Everything, Science & Faith: Preconditions for a Unifying View, Time: A Dimension of Consciousness or of Actual Reality? Finding God in the Universe, How to Prove that There Is a God? Reality Out of Total Simultaneity.

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Vol 2, No 5 (2011): Pure Consciousness,Higgsless World? Spirituality, Naïve Materialism & Multidimensional Mind

How to Pursue Pure Consciousness: A Scientific Analysis; Higgs Combos, Global Fit, the Dead, the Alive & the New; A Natural Explanation of Spiritual Enlightenment; Metaphoric Phantoms of Matter in Mind; Exciting New Era of Particle Physics; The Dawn of a Brave New World in Fundamental Physics; A Theory of the Multidimensional Universal Mind; & The Miracles of Forgiveness, Prophecy & Free Will.

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Vol 2, No 6 (2011): Relationship Between Consciousness & Reality

How Consciousness Creates Reality, Relating the Relational-Matrix Model of Reality to Space-Time and Physical Reality, The Quantum Illusion-like Nature of ‘Reality’ & the Buddhist Doctrine of ‘Two Levels of Reality’ Part I: Deconstructing Reality, Stephen Hawking’s Hotchpotch, & God of the Gaps.

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Vol 2, No 7 (2011): The American Dream of the 21st Century: A Call for Transformation of America

The American Dream of the 21st Century: A Call for Transformation of America, Power without Borders, Occupy the Imaginary World of Economy, The True and Profound Democracy Amendment: The Omnibus Anti-Corruption Amendment, Responses to “American Dream of the 21st Century.”


Historical Writings & Speeches: 
“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine (Jan. 10, 1776) 
“Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson (July 4, 1776) 
“Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln (Nov. 19, 1863) 
Quotes from “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr. (Aug. 28, 1963) 

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Vol 2, No 8 (2011): Hajj & Eid al-Adha 2011: Purity, Equality, Peace & Awareness of the Ultimate Reality of Allah

This is the first installment of SGJ V2(8) released on this special occasion of millions of Muslims starting annual Hajj and soon celebrating Eid al-Adha. Remaining articles are to appear within the month of November, 2011.

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Vol 2, No 9 (2011): Hints of Higgs Boson, Existential Mechanics & What Is Scientific GOD

Has CERN Found the God Particle? A Calculation, Introduction to Existential Mechanics, Existential Mechanics Part I, II &III, If the LHC Particle Is Real, What Is One of the Other Possibilities than the Higgs Boson? 什么是科学主? What Is Scientific GOD?

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Vol 2, No 10 (2011): Reality in a Holographic World, Buddhist Metaphysics & Quantum Buddhism

What is Reality in a Holographic World? The ‘Epiontic’ Dependently Originating Process of Cyclic Existence, The Quantum Truth of the Buddhist Metaphysics of the ‘Two Realities’, The Metaphysics of Nondual Epiontic Quantum Mindnature, & Quantum Darwinism, Quantum Bayesianism & Quantum Buddhism.

Refined Higgs Rumours (by Philip E. Gibbs): We report here refined Higgs rumours before the December 13, 2011 announcement by CERN about Higgs search results of LCH. Click Here.

Higgs Boson Live Blog: Analysis of the CERN Announcement (by Philip E. Gibbs): We report here live on LHC Higgs results announcement by CERN on December 13, 2011. The result is very convincing if one starts from the assumption that there should be a Higgs Boson somewhere in the range. Everywhere is ruled out except 115 GeV to 130 GeV and within that window there is a signal with the right strength at around 125 GeV with 3 sigma significance. CERN will have to wait for that to reach 5 sigma to claim discovery and next year’s data should be enough to get there or almost. I calculate that they will need 25/fb per experiment at 7 TeV to make the discovery. A big congratulation goes to everyone from the LHC, ATLAS and CMS who found the clear hints of Higgs when it hid in the hardest place. Click Here.

Has CERN Found the God Particle? A Calculation (by Philip E. Gibbs): Following the CERN announcement on December 13, 2011, physicists have been giving some very different assessments of the chances that the ATLAS and CMS detectors have seen the Higgs boson. Combining the three things I will consider, I get an overall probability for such a strong signal if there is no Higgs to be about 1 in 30. Perhaps I have failed to account for combinations where more than one of these effects could combine. That requires further coincidences but lets just call the overall result 1 in twenty. In other words, everything considered I take the observed result to be a two sigma effect. Click Here

Better Higgs Combo, New Unofficial Higgs Combo & Higgs Signal Plots (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: It is traditional to present the results of searches such as Higgs hunting as Brazil plots that show us where a signal can be excluded at 95% confidence, but when the data starts to show a positive signal it is better to show signal plots like Higgs Signal Plot shown herein. This is just the observed confidence level limit minus the expected with the error bands for one and two sigma statistical variation shown around the signal level line. From about 135 GeV to 150 GeV it disfavors both a signal and no signal of a standard model Higgs.

It is tempting to say that this rules out standard model physics in this region but I think it is too soon to draw such a conclusion. It may be that there is a SM Higgs boson at say 140 GeV but the resolution is not sufficiently good to get a clean signal there, or more data may see the line fluctuate down to the no signal level. It is important to remember that we are still at the stage where just a few signal events have a big effect on the curve. More detail will emerge with more data. Furthermore, the plot above is only an approximation that does not properly take into account all uncertainties and correlations.

Did the Higgs Signal Fade? & the Best Higgs Plots Revealed (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: The CMS excess did not fade at all, the difference was due to a change in the analysis from Cut-based to MVA-based for the dominant WW channel. The ATLAS combinations when reconstructed consistently only show a small decrease in the excesses. Not the large decrease advertised. Higgs boson hints are still alive. What is particularly interesting now is the bump at 140 GeV. Some people said that this excess came mostly from the WW channel, yet when the WW channel is removed the bump is still there with nearly 2-sigma significance. The two bumps peaking at 118 GeV and 128 GeV are also the right size for a Higgs signal but error bands are still too big. Any of these bumps could be statistical fluctuations but it is very unlikely that they all are. With current data available in the high-resolution channels it is not yet possible to draw robust conclusions, but I think I have demonstrated that this will be the best way to find the Higgs with future data. I hope the experimenters will take note and produce similar plots from the official data. Updated results with 2.5/fb could appear within weeks and we will see where the three candidate bumps are heading.

Higgs Hunting 2011 (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: The Europhysics HEP conference (EPS) starts in earnest on July 22, 2011 with a good chance that some very strong results on Higgs searches will be revealed. There is likely to be either a plausible signal or an extensive exclusion, and maybe both.

New Higgs Combos from ATLAS and CMS (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: As we wait for the Lepton-Photon conference to begin, ATLAS have released some new Higgs combination plots in a conference note. These have added 2.3/fb in the H->ZZ->4l channel and 1.7/fb in the H->WW->llνν channels.

Higgs Excluded from 130 GeV to 480 GeV (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: There are a few interesting workshops and conferences on today that are presenting results from LHC and Tevatron. In particular the “Implications of LHC results for TeV-scale physics” meeting at CERN all this week is the most likely place to look for new results.

What Is Dead? (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: There is a lot of interesting talk around the blogs about the fate of SUSY and even the whole field of phenomenology. It is a fascinating debate.

Comparing Combos (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: The Tevatron Higgs Combination is up, so time to compare with my prediction.

Higgs Combination and Fits Revisited (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: Now that the Tevatron Higgs combination is public and I can see how much error there is in the direct combination process, it seems like a good idea to redo my earlier combinations. I know lots of people are interested to see these now to give information about where we stand.

Higgs Combos, Global Fit, the Dead, the Alive & the New (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: If we accept the combination uncertainty estimate and the statistical validity of combining all direct searches with electroweak fits: We indirectly rule out a lone standard model Higgs boson of any mass with no additional BSM physics at 90% confidence, i.e. a fair bit short of conclusively. We directly rule out any standard model Higgs boson at 95% confidence except in the mass ranges 114GeV to 144GeV or 240 GeV to 265 GeV or above 480 GeV. We do not rule out other BSM Higgs-type mechanisms including composite Higgs, technicolor Higgs, Higgs doublets, SUSY Higgs etc. We do not rule out high-mass Higgs bosons above 480 GeV in combination with other BSM physics that could explain electroweak fits and cure theoretical limitations of the SM at higher energies. We see excesses at around 130 GeV to around 160 GeV that could be between two and three sigma level. It might suggest some new physics such as some kind of Higgs particle(s) in this region. However, these are not high levels of statistical significance.

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SUSY Was Not Around the Corner (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: ATLAS has produced new exclusions limits for SUSY (Taffard) models using jets plus missing transverse energy from 1/fb of data. These go well beyond previous limits leading to the conclusion that “SUSY” was NOT “just rounnd the corner” as theorists hoped.

Big Day for Higgs Boson (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: Today at the EPS conference in Grenoble the world’s largest hadron colliders will be revealing the results of their latest searches for the Higgs boson, using data collected up until the last few weeks. We will be posting the plots here as they appear. The individual experiments Dzero, CDF, ATLAS and CMS will each show their all channel combined plots. There will also be separated plots for individual channels and some separate searches for a charged Higgs as predicted in some models such as MSSM.

Higgs Combos (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: Some people have been asking if confidence level plots can be combined now that we have the individual data from Dzero, CDF, ATLAS and CMS. The answer is of course not. You need to combine the underlying event data and all the backgrounds etc., and re-derive the levels from that.

Global Fit Kills (or at least Wounds) the Standard Model (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: A few days ago I showed how to combine the Higgs confidence level plots by adding in inverse square. At the time I did not understand why this worked (I am a bit slow at statistics.) Since then I have looked again at the work on electroweak precision tests and the global fit where you can find the same calculation being done. The inverse square of the 95% confidence level limits is just one-quarter of the Δχ2 estimator. For independent variables these can be directly added to give an overall Δχ2 which can then be mapped back to an overall confidence level limit. This is exactly what I was doing in my combinations. So now I know that these combo plots are essentially correct, neglecting any correlations which should be zero.

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EPS Early Posters Showing Up to 1.21/fb from ATLAS (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: The Europhysics HEP conference (EPS) starts in earnest on July 22, 2011 with a good chance that some very strong results on Higgs searches will be revealed. There is likely to be either a plausible signal or an extensive exclusion, and maybe both.

Higgs Update from D0 and CDF (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: This is a Higgs Update from D0 and CDF. The small amount of additional data helps to extend the exclusion range, but we will need to see a combination with CDF to get the best limits.

CDF Report 327 GeV Anomaly in 4l Channel (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: In a presentation at EPS-HEP today CFD will show a surprising cluster of 4 events in the 4 lepton “golden channel” consistent with a particle at 327GeV.

Highlights of EPS First Morning (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: Undoubtedly the most talked about presentation so far will be the CDF search for ZZ resonances (Robson) with the below striking peek at 327 GeV. This is the only talk so far that has not seen everything consistent with standard model. The talks themselves have not been broadcast so we only have the slides to go by. It would be nice to know what questions were asked at this one.

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Exciting New Era of Particle Physics (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: I don’t think there has ever been a moment quite like this in physics before. Within the next few months, weeks or even days we will learn something new about the universe that will change our thinking forever. I don’t mean something like a little CP asymmetry or a new observation of neutrino physics. These things are great but they just pose questions that we cannot answer yet. What we are about to learn is going to generate so many new ideas in physics that the arXiv will run out of four digit numbers so that people have to start posting their papers in viXra. Am I exaggerating? Let us see take a look.

The Dawn of a Brave New World in Particle Physics (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): Abstract: This issue of Prespacetime Journal celebrates the great success of LHC and Tevatron through a series of Special Reports written by Philip Gibbs, several Editorials and other regular pieces. All people associated with LHC and Tevatron deserve our special thanks. We are in the super-connected Age of Internet and technological wonders made possible through science. There is no doubt that we are also at the dawn of a brave New World in particle physics and science overall. Every genuine truth seeker should seize this moment. Here we briefly discuss: (1) the great unknown in light of the great success of LHC and Tevatron, (2) Higgsless models published in this journal; and (3) the search for the genuine “God Particle.” What we have witnessed so far is the rise of collaborative spirit in physics. We urge all genuine truth seekers to work together to make the brave New World a reality. We conclude with a poem “A Praise to Prespacetime.”

Physics in a Higgsless World (by Lawrence B. Crowell): Abstract: The ATLAS and CMS data is giving a 2-σ exclusion on the light Higgs fields in the 110 -140GeV energy scale. This is a 95% probability of no signal from the Higgs field. The data so far is lack luster for those who promote Higgsian theories, but we are at about 1/1000 the total data expected, so there are lot more to come. In light of the foregoing, the author discusses here Higgsless alternatives. Clearly the time we live in currently is interesting, and we may be in a time where our understanding of the foundations of physics might radically change. The one advantage of living in a time where a lot of physical theory is falsified is that it clears the way for different modes of thought.

The Aftermath of Europhysics 2011 (by Matti Pitkänen): Abstract: In this Guest Editorial, some alternative visions about the physics after Europhysics 2011 are discussed.

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This year's Nobel Peace Prize (see Press Release) has been awarded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work".

According the Press Release, " We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society."

Congratulation to llen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman!

And congraulations to all women of World who struggle for women's rights, equality and well-beings.

Maoxin Wu & Huping Hu

October 7, 2011