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Views about Free Will & the Anatomy of State Function Reduction (by Matti Pitkanen): Even some physicists have now accepted "free will" into their vocabulary. However, many writers remain unaware of the distinctions between experienced time and the geometric time of physics. Thus, many of them make the error of eliminating conscious mind from the picture in the process of trying to understand free will. The outcome is that free will is something effective and emergent or free will is resulting from deterministic but non-predictable/non-computable process. In Topological Geometrodynamics (“TGD”), zero energy ontology would realize blocks as causal diamonds (“CD”) and would extend free will from a mere choice between given alternatives to creation of new worlds.

TGD Based Consciousness Theory and the "God" Helmet (by Matti Pitkanen)

In TGD Universe gauge fields are replaced with topological field quanta. Examples are topological light rays, magnetic/electric flux tubes and sheets, and flux quanta carrying both magnetic and electric fields. Flux quanta form a fractal hierarchy in the sense that there are flux quanta inside flux quanta. It is natural to assume quantization of Kahler magnetic flux. Braiding and reconnection are the basic topological operations for flux quanta. This article discusses how the basic notions assigned with the classical gauge and gravitational fields understood in standard sense generalize in TGD framework. Topological quantization and the notion of magnetic body are especially important in TGD inspired model of EEG. The attempt to understand the findings of Persinger from the study of what is known as “God” helmet leads to a considerable progress in the understanding the possible role of topologically quantized classical fields in biology and neuroscience.

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