December 21, 2012 Countdown - Day 3: Scientific GOD Journal 2012 from Administrator's blog

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Vol 3, No 1 (2012): Paradox of Creation, Universe, Life & Consciousness

Biological Plausibility of the Pace of Creation Written in the Genesis, Future Implications of a Pre-Adamic, Global & High Ancient Civilization, Pregnant Zero and Universal Paradox, the Nature & Sensitivity of Chaos, The Way of the Ultimate Tao, the Self-Aware Emptiness of the Quantum Universe &Various Thoughts on God & Science.

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Vol 3, No 2 (2012): New Uncertainty Principle, Cosmos ex Natura & Relation of Chaos Equation to God

A New Uncertainty Principle Containing the Level of Consciousness, How to Achieve Enlightenment Scientifically, Cosmos ex Natura: Part I & II, Relation of the Chaos Equation to God, Being Ant-worthy & One More Proof that There Is a God.

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Vol 3, No 3 (2012): Divine Quantum Information Structure, Synchronicity & Luminous Ground

The Physical Universe as a Divine Quantum Information Structure, Synchronicity: When Cosmos Mirrors Inner Events, Luminous Ground: The Zero with a Thousand Faces, Bhrgu: The God of God Particle & Five (5) Book reviews.

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Vol 3, No 4 (2012): Virtual Reality, Quantum Mind & Self-Reference

The World as a Virtual Reality, Quantum Mind in TGD Universe, About Language, Self Reference and Everything, Conflict Resolution Strategies: Lessons from Nature, Evidence of God in Modern Physics, Universe from Nothing & Mystery of Time.

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Vol 3, No 5 (2012): Toward the Unification of Science & Spirituality

The Human Aspect of Christ between Classic and Quantum Consciousness; Unfolding the Visionary Path of the Tree of Life; Ultraholism: The Field of Infinite Meaning; Demiurgic Field: Its Patterning Role in Chaos, Creation & Creativity; & Zero Sum Game: Pre-Physical-Existence & Psychophysical Reality.

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Vol 3, No 6 (2012): Higgs Discovery, Shadow of God Particle, Key to Happiness & Ancient Wisdom

Scientific Genesis in the Making: Higgs Discovery & the Shadow of God Particle, Live Higgs Report on July 4, 2012 & Congratulations - It's a Boson, The Higgs Boson and the Power of Consistency, Is It Really Higgs? Creatio Ex Nihilo: Road to Single Mathematical Particle, The Key to Happiness in Existence, Ancient Wisdom in Modern Age: An Archaic Renaissance, The Esoteric Thesis: Unspeakable Things & Unknowable Truths, The Weak Force as Manifestation of Anima Mundi: An Exploration.

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Vol 3, No 7 (2012): On Atheist Spirituality Featuring Elemer E. Rosinger’s Work

Where and How Do They Happen? Can Four Questions Define the Transcendental? On Atheist Spirituality I, II, III, IV, V, VI & VII: Spiritual Poverty, Starting Proposition, End of Time, Human Awareness, Research vs. Development, Sensation of Truth, Comte-Sponville, Existence of God, Extended Harmony, Atheist Spirituality, Mysticism, Immanensity, Ocean of Feeling, Mystical Experience, Gnosticism, Problems with I, New & Old, Within You, and Mystery.

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Vol 3, No 8 (2012): On Matter, Spacetime, Materialist Metaphysical Dogmatism & Reflexive Praxis

More Thoughts on Light, Matter, Space & Time? Reflections on Materialist Metaphysical Dogmatism (Part I, II & III), Reflexive Praxis in Search of Archaic Wisdom, On Atheists’ Complaint of No Evidence for God.

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Vol 3, No 9 (2012): Cosmic Insight, Pathway for Compassion, Creation of Experiential Reality & Glocalisation

Scientific Pathway for Compassion, The Conscious or Unconscious Creation of Experiential Reality, Glocalisation as a Key Human Survival Technology, A Cosmic Insight, About Truth and Bias, The Experiential Basis of the Spiritualist/Materialist Duality, The Either/Or Nature of the Individual's Mode of Being, The Necessity of God & the Uncreated Whole.

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Vol 3, No 10 (2012): The Eve of December 21, 2012: GOD’s Scientific Truth Is Marching On

11 Prompt: A Higher Calling for a New World, How GOD Created Light & Its Governing Law, Footprints of Omnipresence & Omniscience, Michael Persinger & the GOD Experiments, The Consciousness Connection, God’s Fingerprints, Difference between Science and Religion?

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