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On Atheist Spirituality by Elemer E. Rosinger: In this series of essays, I explore and discuss spiritualization of materialistic atheism in support of Andre Comte-Sponville. These essays are further dedicated to Marie-Louise Nykamp.

Essay I contains: A Short Story; Much More Wrong Than ...; Good Life ...; and The Poor Shall Always Be with Us?

Essay II contains: The Approach To Be Followed; Three Questions followed by ... another Four Ones ...; A Few Starting Propositions; the End of Time; and Twice Unknown ....

Essay III contains: Without Precedent in Human History; Two Aspects of Human Awareness? Two Way Interactions ...; Research versus Development ...; The Ways of the Good Old Baron von Mnchausen ...; and Sorry, but Belief and Faith Are Good only for....

Essay IV contains: The Interplay between Our Affective and Cognitive Beings ...; Mere Sensation of Truth = Truth, or Is It Indeed? Back to C-S, and Starting with Its First Chapter; and On Chapter Two: Does God Exist?

Essay V contains: Extended Harmony, and Growing Up at Last ...; On Chapter Three: Can There Be an Atheist Spirituality ? On Mysticism and Mystery: For How Longer Are We to Be Bound to Unfortunately Misplaced Words?

Essay V contains: Extended Harmony, and Growing Up at Last ...; On Chapter Three: Can There Be an Atheist Spirituality ? On Mysticism and Mystery: For How Longer Are We to Be Bound to Unfortunately Misplaced Words?

Essay VI contains: Immanensity? Lost on an ... Ocean of Feeling ...? Oh again a Mystical Experience ... Gnosticism, a Rather Irresistible and Better Human Temptation ...; and A Finger....

Essay VII contains:Oh, that I, ... Problems with I, New and Old ...; And Again, the Same Finger ...; To Bring, or Not, Forth What Is Within You ...; A Question ...; Is it a Mystery? And Conclusions.

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Scientific GOD Journal has just published its latest issue V3(5) entitled "Toward the Unification of Science & Spirituality" at We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit SGJ website to review articles and items of interest.

Table of Contents (


The Human Aspect of Christ between Classic and Quantum Consciousness: Gethsemane - Anxiety & Depression between Biochemistry & Anthropology (by Massimo Cocchi, Lucio Tonello & Fabio Gabrielli)

Unfolding the Visionary Path of the Tree of Life (by Chris King)

Ultraholism: The Field of Infinite Meaning (by Iona Miller)

Demiurgic Field: Its Patterning Role in Chaos, Creation & Creativity (by Iona Miller & Paul Wildman)

Zero Sum Game: Pre-Physical-Existence & Psychophysical Reality (by Iona Miller)

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How to Pursue Pure Consciousness: A Scientific Analysis (by Pradeep B. Deshpande, B. D. Kulkarni): Abstract: A perspective on the development of a science of consciousness is presented. The article begins with a proposed definition of pure consciousness that is followed by an explanation of why anyone might aspire to progress towards it, how one might make progress, what obstacles are likely to be encountered, and what the significance of reaching the destination might be. In the six sigma methodology, major impact factors are the vital few causes that determine systems performance; in the present context, the ability to reach the state of pure consciousness. The paper presents a six sigma analysis of the consciousness effort and identifies a major impact factor, possibly for the first time that will render the pursuit of pure consciousness a bit easier.

[Note: This is from 2011 but still relevant] Higgs Combos, Global Fit, the Dead, the Alive & the New (by Philip E. Gibbs): Abstract: The editors of SGJ ask me to share with SGJ readers this article appeared in PSTJ V2(7) and I happily accept. If we accept the combination uncertainty estimate and the statistical validity of combining all direct searches with electroweak fits:

We indirectly rule out a lone standard model Higgs boson of any mass with no additional BSM physics at 90% confidence, i.e. a fair bit short of conclusively. We directly rule out any standard model Higgs boson at 95% confidence except in the mass ranges 114GeV to 144GeV or 240 GeV to 265 GeV or above 480 GeV. We do not rule out other BSM Higgs-type mechanisms including composite Higgs, technicolor Higgs, Higgs doublets, SUSY Higgs etc. We do not rule out high-mass Higgs bosons above 480 GeV in combination with other BSM physics that could explain electroweak fits and cure theoretical limitations of the SM at higher energies. We see excesses at around 130 GeV to around 160 GeV that could be between two and three sigma level. It might suggest some new physics such as some kind of Higgs particle(s) in this region. However, these are not high levels of statistical significance.

A Natural Explanation of Spiritual Enlightenment (by James Kowall): Abstract: Recent developments in theoretical physics, which include attempts to unify the laws of the universe, as in string theory, and attempts to explain the origin of the universe, as in inflationary cosmology, are interpreted in terms of the theater of consciousness mental model of the world. This scientific paradigm dates back to ideas that Plato first discussed in the Allegory of the Cave, and is consistent with the holographic principle of quantum gravity, the many world interpretation of quantum theory, and the Gödel incompleteness theorems. This mental model of the world leads to a natural theory of the mind, and is consistent with spiritual discussions of creation, as found in Genesis, and expressions of nondual wisdom, as found in the Tao Te Ching. A natural explanation of spiritual enlightenment in the nondual sense of 'no-self' or 'emptiness', and the concept of 'nothingness' as expressed in Buddhism, Zen and Hinduism, are also discussed.