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This blog post concerns my scientific discovery regarding the quantum connection of God consciousness to human consciousness, via the subconscious mind hologram. Both sciences, physics and metaphysics, have been utilized to complete this finding. 
Attached is the diagram that illustrates how this phenomena occurs. The pathway from God consciousness to human consciousness is established through frequency. At the time of creation, Spiritual DNA extended Itself spatially ("Spiritual/Matter Transference") to create space. A universal grid was created in order for God frequency to extend, as It created waves, which formed particles of matter at all levels of the physical universe (Sub-atomic, Atomic, 3rd Dimension).
God consciousness projected all knowledge across the grid to our subconscious mind hologram. Humans receive this frequency via the hologram, which is located in the dimension beneath the brain. The subconscious mind stores, translates, and supplies infinite knowledge to our conscious state, via the brain. When the visual image of "The God Frequency Factor" is introduced to the subconscious mind hologram, the data banks are then provided with a force that will be applied in all thought processes.
"The God Frequency Factor" acts in a multiple of causes.

* A quantum pathway connecting God consciousness to
  human consciousness, via the subconscious mind
* A new model for the creation of the universe.
* At what point life begins (Pro life).
* Evidence of intentionality and non-randomness in the
* An answer to Pope Benedict's February announcement,
  that the Vatican would consider a "Big Bang"
  explanation, if God were a participant.
* A catalyst for the reunification of science and religion. In oIn order to understand how "The God Frequency" functions and where its origin is located, it is necessary to 
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According to CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research, "[o]ur understanding of the Universe is about to change..." by the Large Hadron Collider. This is certainly true.

The key to this change is whether LHC will discover the Higgs Boson of the Standard Model or any Higgs Boson. According to Dr. Philip E. Gibbs who has done tremendous work to keep both the scientific community and general public informed, "Higgs boson hints are still alive. What is particularly interesting now is the bump at 140 GeV. Some people said that this excess came mostly from the WW channel, yet when the WW channel is removed the bump is still there with nearly 2-sigma significance. The two bumps peaking at 118 GeV and 128 GeV are also the right size for a Higgs signal but error bands are still too big. Any of these bumps could be statistical fluctuations but it is very unlikely that they all are. With current data available in the high-resolution channels it is not yet possible to draw robust conclusions, but I think I have demonstrated that this will be the best way to find the Higgs with future data. I hope the experimenters will take note and produce similar plots from the official data. Updated results with 2.5/fb could appear within weeks and we will see where the three candidate bumps are heading."

The absence of Higgs Boson will have dramatic effect on our understanding of the Universe. In that case, we have to rebuild our models of particle physics from scratch.

It should be pointed out here that Higgs boson was dubbed as the “God Particle” by Leon Lederman and hyped as such by the media. To many of us, Higgs boson should not be called the “God Particle. The genuine “God particle” should have at least the following explanatory powers:

a) Explanation of the creations of bosons and fermions; b) Explanation of gravitatonal force; c) Explanation of the strong force; d) Explanation of the weak force; e) Explanation of the electromagnetic force; f) Explanation of the origin of the Universe; g) Explanation of or relation to Consciousness; and h) Etc.

We are in the super-connected Age of Internet and technological wonders made possible through science. There is no doubt that we are also at the dawn of a brave New World in particle physics and science overall. Every genuine truth seeker should seize this moment. What we have witnessed so far is the rise of collaborative spirit in physics. We urge all genuine truth seekers to work together to make the brave New World a reality.

Huping & Maoxin

September 22, 2011

Huping Hu · Sep 22 '11 · Tags: lhc, higgs boson, god particle
Scientific GOD Inc. is initiating the following 2012 Projects entitled "Information for World Transformation": 

1. 2012 Daily to be formally launched on December 21, 2011. We are seeking well-informed and inspirational scholars, writers & bloggers to serve as voluntary Editors who will collectively produce dynamical contents in the forms of articles, blogs, news and polls etc to drive 2012 Daily and provide the "Information for World Transformation." If you'd like to contribute and be considered as a voluntary Editor, please contact us

2. 2012 Community which is open now and will be driven by all participants who are interested in and/or inspired to contribute to "Information for World Transformation." 

To transform our current World into a better one, we all have to do our part through our own actions. 

Scientific GOD Inc. 

Released: September 19, 2012
This is indeed our (Huping & Maoxin) first blog piece. When time permits, we plan to write on the following subjects plus more:

1. Why 2012 is important for World transformation.
2. What is Scientific GOD and why it is important.
3. What is not Scientific GOD and how to avoid being pseudo.
4. Sciurch is a new pathway to truth and unity in the age of Science and Technology.
5. What is consciousness.
6. Why consciousness transformation is the key to World Transformation.
7. How to transform one's consciousness.
8. Principle of existence in plain language.
9. Mathematical "Proof" of [Scientific] GOD.
10. Experimental Evidence of [Scientific] GOD.
11. Mystical Experience of [Scientific] GOD.
12. Scientific GOD by reason.
13. Why faith is important but dogma and fundamentalism should be avoided.
14. The imperfections of materialistic science.
15. How to modernize/transform our current science.
16. Several pieces on other Scholars' related work.
17. The diversity of religious traditions and their spiritual foundations.
18. Religious traditions are to be kept, respected but in certain aspects be modernized.
19. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Christian.
20. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Muslim.
21. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Confucian.
22. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Hindu.
23. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Buddhist.
24. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Taoist/Daoist.
25. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Yoruba[ist].
26. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Judaism[ist].
27. What is and [how to become a] Scientific Atheist/Reasonist.
28. Religious history of China.
29. China in transformation.
30. Why China need Scientific GOD.
31. One World One Dream under Scientific GOD (New Internationale).
32. Information for World Transformation recap.

Of course, we may not write these pieces in the order listed above. And more importantly, all members on the 2012 Community are welcomed and encouraged to write on these important topics.

Humbly yours,

Huping & Maoxin

Dated September 21, 2011

New Internationale (Internationale 2012)

(Originally Released on: April 24, 2011)

The following poem promotes a peaceful and prospering New World under Scientific GOD.
It is adapted from Eugène E. Pottier’s L'Internationale written in 1871.

Key Words: Scientific God, New Internationale, Internationale 2010, World Peace, New World, 2012


Rise, people in Science and Religion,

Rise, all truth seekers around the world,

GOD’s Scientific Truth is being revealed,

A New World will be born,

The Present World will be transformed,

Rise, Rise, all truth seekers.

The transforming World includes you,

Together let’s build the New World,

This is the most critical time for mankind,

Let’s unite and struggle to tomorrow,

The New World under GOD,

Shall be realized.

This is the most critical time for mankind,

Let’s unite and struggle to tomorrow,

The New World under GOD

Shall be realized.

Some have forgotten GOD for too long,

Please wake up from the material world,

Our Souls need new nourishment,

GOD’s Scientific Truth is the nutrition,

Help the ignorant and misguided,

Break the shackles of Godlessness,

March on the path of Scientific GOD,

Be the heroes to free all from darkness,

This is the most critical time for mankind,

Let’s unite and struggle to tomorrow,

The New World under GOD

Shall be realized.

This is the most critical time for mankind,

Let’s unite and struggle to tomorrow,

The New World under GOD

Shall be realized.

Who set the foundation for the world of mankind?

It is no other than Scientific GOD,

Everything in the World belongs to GOD,

We shall use each justly and equitably,

Let’s be guided by Scientific GOD’s Truth,

So we can take a quantum leap.

One World One Dream is fast approaching,

It’s the Peaceful New World under GOD,

This is the most critical time for mankind,

Let’s unite and struggle to tomorrow,

The New World under GOD,

Shall be realized.

This is the most critical time for mankind,

Let’s unite and struggle to tomorrow,

The New World under GOD

Shall be realized.

Oh my atheist colleagues in science:

Have you seen the sub-atoms of your body?

No, yet you believe that they exist;

Have you felt the strong force that holds the sub-atoms together?

No, yet you know that they must be there;

Have you seen the atoms of a virus invading your body?

No, yet you have no doubt that they exist.

Oh my atheist colleagues in science:

Have you seen the Earth on which we reside?

Yes, yet you deny that there was a Builder.

Have you felt the air that you breathe?

Yes, yet you doubt that there is a Provider,

Have you seen your body on which your faculties reside?

Yes, yet you don’t believe that there is a Creator.

Oh my atheist colleagues in science:

Time has come for you to search the footprint of Scientific GOD,

Would you rather live in denial?

You are the scientific vessel its Creator would like to hitch a ride,

Would you deny ITS pleasure to do just that?

Through all of us Scientific GOD manifests,

Would you rather be in idle? 

Oh my atheist colleagues in science:

If GOD now reveals how IT breathes life into equations?

Would you still deny that IT exists?

If GOD now reveals how IT designs the laws governing particles?

Would you then still deny that IT’s the basis of natural laws?

If GOD now reveals how IT creates, sustains and makes evolve matters?

Would you still deny that IT’s the foundation of science?
Huping Hu · Sep 17 '11 · Tags: science, god, atheist
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