Fractal Universe & Quantum Chaos

Why the Universe is Fractal (by Chris King): Life exists in the universe because the laws of nature arising from cosmic symmetry-breaking are intrinsically fractal and embrace chaotic dynamics in a manner that permits new structure to emerge on increasing scales, as we move from the level of fundamental particles to organisms. In a fundamental sense this is a cosmological property of the universe, because complex living systems represent the most complete interactive consummation of the four fundamental forces of nature.

Unspeakable Things, Unknowable Truths & Manifestation of Anima Mundi

The Esoteric Thesis: Unspeakable Things & Unknowable Truths (by Paul Wildman): This article explores aspects of the conventional research thesis and identifies one approach - the ‘esoteric thesis’- for explicating inner meaning of the outward ‘research quest’. Often, when researchers are completing their external world oriented - ‘exoteric thesis’ - based on research, literature review and so forth, little time or attention is directed to their inner world.

Key to Happiness & Ancient Wisdom in Modern Age

The Key to Happiness in Existence (by Steven E. Kaufman): Having come to understand recently the nature of the relation that creates what the Individual apprehends as emotional experience, I share here my view on the secret of happiness. In essence, happiness is a song that each Individual composes and plays for him/herself.

Higgs Boson: To Be or Not to Be

The Higgs Boson and the Power of Consistency (by Philip E. Gibbs): The momentous discovery of the Higgs boson announced on July 4, 2012 by CERN brought tremendous excitements both in the physics communities and general public. As the dust settles, we can start to ask some questions. In this Higgs essay, we discuss the central element of the story which is often forgotten in the noise of celebration and the outlook of research in particle physics.

Scientific Genesis in the Making: Higgs Discovery & the Shadow of God Particle

Scientific Genesis in the Making: Higgs Discovery & the Shadow of God Particle (by Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu): This issue of Scientific God Journal celebrates the discovery of Higgs Boson (or Higgs-like particle). Congratulations to CERN, Fermilab, people at LHC, people at Tevatron and all the theoretical and experimental physicists who made this discovery possible over the last 50 years!


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